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OpEd: A2ZFS and the Moral Quandary

A2Z Field Services (A2ZFS), several weeks ago, rolled out a Vendor Fraud Policy (VFP) which in my opinion read much like the Patriot Act.  We reached out to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and A2ZFS with our concerns about the A2Z Vendor Fraud Policy and the only official communications, to date, has been A2ZFS stating that the VFP is “…voluntary… .”  We did have the opportunity to speak with A2ZFS Legal Counsel, Sarah Lee of the Edwards Law Firm, previously (Link believed to be Ms. Lee’s LinkedIn Profile).

The 30 minute or so conversation vacillated between my concerns for the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendment Rights.  I actually requested, during the call, whether or not A2ZFS had articulated an opinion with respect to homosexuality.  I stated that I was extremely concerned that the Second Page of the June 2013 Vendor Fraud Policy dealt with “…a vendor’s morals… .”  I went on to state that a 1099 Contractor of ours and a Contractor to A2ZFS was a homosexual.  I stated that all of these issues would be resolved by simply completely removing the VFP and its burden upon Contractors.

In light of today’s Landmark US Supreme Court Decision (Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)) with respect to same sex marriage, we are extremely concerned with respect to A2ZFS’ position in their VFP,

Other Irregularities

Irregularities concerning a vendor’s moral, ethical or behavioral conduct should be directed to the A2Z Vendor Manager or the vendor’s Human Resources personnel.

Whether or not A2ZFS’ intention is to discriminate against homosexuals or not is unknown because A2ZFS has refused to release a Public Statement clarifying their Position!  The reality is that A2ZFS has far exceeded its capacity as a Prime Vendor upon HUD Contracts in their continued retention of the Vendor Fraud Policy as a “voluntary” requirement.  It reminds me much of the dark days in which many lived under previous to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

A2ZFS has had AMPLE time to retract its “voluntary” requirements of its VFP and to also elucidate upon the travesties of Page 2 of the June 2013 Vendor Fraud Policy.

This is a VERY SLIPPERY SLOPE; to allow for a private corporation to begin to interpret “morals” is tantamount to fascism.  Additionally, for the US Government, by and through HUD, to categorically refuse to opine in any public manner infers tacit support for not only the discrimination against US Citizens for beliefs, but also condones the assignment of Police Powers to a Prime Vendor.

Foreclosurepedia will not be Party to this unconstitutional action A2ZFS is attempting to levy upon the backs of Contractors.  Their tactless “voluntary” provision; an obvious side step to keep in play the Vendor Fraud Policy, speaks volumes to me personally.  The sign of leadership is to get in front of mistakes; to attempt to sweep issues under the carpet is extremely sophomoric.  A2ZFS should, in my opinion, issue a Public Statement retracting the Vendor Fraud Policy and move on about tending to the business of the American People for which they are being paid with my tax dollars.

Foreclosurepedia calls upon A2ZFS to completely retract its Vendor Fraud Policy and further that HUD proceed further than its Internal Investigation and refer A2ZFS’ Vendor Fraud Policy to the United States Attorney General’s Office for prosecution under a plethora of statutes the least of which include assignment of Police Powers and Discrimination based upon Contractor’s beliefs.

[Editor’s Note:  We reached out to A2ZFS Legal Counsel Sarah Lee for comment before publication.  None was forthcoming.  We will publish any if such is received.]

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