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How The Net Neutrality War May Hold The Key To Undoing SAMJV LLC

This entry is part 19 of 31 in the series Labor Initiatives

For years, Foreclosurepedia has advocated for non violent, civil disobedience. In fact, when Foreclosurepedia was in its early years, Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) attempted to threaten and intimidate us over our reporting — yes, he lost. Foreclosurepedia had recommended that when misclassified employee – contractors had their monies fraudulently stolen from them by NAMFS Members, that they make their voices heard to the owner’s of those financial terrorist organizations. We recommended that first a file be compiled on the owner and the company. We recommended that pickets be organized at the owner’s home; the owner’s and the family member’s place of business(es); that protests happen on the church steps of where the owner attended church; and that their faces be plastered all over telephone poles documenting their treatment of Minority Females and Labor. Miller didn’t like that and figured he would attempt to threaten and intimidate me with a Freshman Guild Lawyer. It miserably failed.

In 2014, protesters sat in on the driveway of then FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler as reported by the Washington Post. In fact, protesting and demonstrating have been a legal right of US Citizens since the founding of the United States. Apparently, Miller slept during that part of Civics 101. That is not surprising, though, as Eric Miller and the all white NAMFS Board of Directors appear to be hell bent upon violating and conspiring to violate the civil rights of Minority Females and Labor as Foreclosurepedia recently reported upon by allowing the NAMFS Membership to maintain a Do Not Use List operated by Altisource and overseen, in part, by Patricia E McTaggart of Atlanta, Georgia. This is how the Washington Post described the sit in, To hammer the point home, Internet activists descended on Wheeler’s house Monday morning as he was trying to back out of his driveway. And while Wheeler may not have liked to have his driveway initially blocked; while the civil protest waged by Popular Resistance may not have been appreciated, the Drive By Media covered it relentlessly.

Apparently, the point was driven home. Under the Obama Administration, Net Neutrality remained in place. Under the Trump Administration, though, the stakes were raised by both sides. The Verge reported upon the latest in political actions taken in recent days, Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai unveiled his plans to reverse net neutrality last month, and the proposal is expected to face an initial vote on May 18th. While net neutrality supporters have displayed their opposition to Pai’s continued stance against the 2015 ruling in a few creative ways, this weekend a campaign aimed to hit the chairman close to home — literally. On Sunday, protesters from the Protect Our Internet campaign went around Pai’s neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia, and distributed door hangers at nearby homes, prompting people to be aware of their neighbor’s efforts to limit internet freedom. The flyers feature a black-and-white photo of Pai, along with a short description of the chairman’s background and how his proposal would roll back open internet rules. According to a blog post by the activists, hundreds of signs were circulated and the crew received “friendly support from the neighbors they spoke to.”

Lee Camp, of Redacted Tonight, published the picture of a door hanger described above and pictured to the right. And it opens the doors to that which I proposed several years ago as Eric Miller and his NAMFS Offender Members began laying siege to Minority Females and Labor. It opens up a new avenue for an Operation entitled, #OpNAMFS. And this is something that the financial terrorists need to begin to understand. The next knock knock at the door may not be the Amazon Package a NAMFS Offender Member had ordered for their Mistress. And I want that to really, really sink in for a moment. It is the legal right of any US Citizen to protest and demonstrate within the confines of the First Amendment and the laws of the communities wherein they do such.

I want you to picture a NAMFS Offender Member waking up or returning home and finding their entire neighborhood plastered with door hangers like those above. I like to think that the normal coffee table photo albums which occupy the banter at dinner parties would be replaced by animated discussions of those concerned neighbors whom wonder precisely whom occupies the house in their neighborhood.

And why stop with simply the neighborhood wherein the NAMFS Offender Member lives? How about the neighborhood businesses where the NAMFS Offender Member shops? I mean do not retailers have the right to know whom this person is and what they are up to? I mean we are not getting all John Walsh about it; however, an Informed Neighborhood is a Safe Neighborhood. If the NAMFS Offender Member has a business in say a strip mall or a business park with multiple suites, after verifying that both the Posting of Notices and Solicitation is legal, why not also expand the Area of Operations? Or, how about a couple of bake sale fundraisers to raise funds to take out a good old fashioned newspaper ad? Hell, pharmaceutical companies and politicians do it all the time!

You see, Eric Miller and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors have convinced Minority Females and Labor that they are powerless; the misbelief that the White American Redneck Male controls everything is a myth. Minority Females and Labor do not exist to only provide a means of revenue for firms such as Altisource and Innotion Enterprises — Sorry Amos and Al, but it’s true!

And when the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) refuses to properly investigate those they are so willing to hand out hundreds of millions of dollars in Awards to, it is the Patriotic Duty of every American to rise up and take to the streets. In fact, it would be down right Un-American not to do such. Moreover, it is the moral responsibility of all Minority Females and Labor to rise up and join together with those whom NAMFS Offender Members have so brutally violated. Do we turn our backs upon women whom are brutally attacked by their oft times white, redneck significant others? No. Do we turn our backs upon those Minority Females whom white aristocracy have so brutally committed racial discrimination upon? Hell, no! And so I ask you, why would the Foreclosurepedia Nation turn its back upon the Minority Females and Labor whom are daily exposed to the vitriol and financial terrorism exhibited by NAMFS Offender Members?

Mr Williams,

I wanted to tell you that despite our differences I owe you eternal gratitude for your hard work. You have a loyal ally in me. You are an outstanding human being. You have helped me to believe in the impossible. We should all strive to be half the man you are. — Foreclosurepedia Nation Member

Foreclosurepedia reached it’s 10,000th subscriber earlier this month. We celebrated by giving a year’s Industry Insider Membership to those whom currently had an account with us. The Foreclosurepedia Nation is now 10K strong! It is truly humbling. And while none of us agree on everything, ALL OF US agree that racially motivated financial terrorism has no place in a civil society.

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