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HUD Awardees Appear Willing To Work With Boots On The Ground

Foreclosurepedia is getting word that US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Marketing and Management (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) Awardees are willing to work directly with Minority Females and Labor. Over the past several weeks Foreclosurepedia has been reporting upon the fact that while hundreds of millions of dollars in Awards have been funnelled out from HUD to Awardees, there has been no comments with respect to whether or not Awardees are willing to work directly with Minority Females and Labor.

What we know is that Alpine Companies, the HUD M&M FSM Awardee for Georgia, and Purdy Enterprise, the Awardee for Indiana and Kentucky along with North and South Carolina are going to work direct with Minority Females and Labor in areas they are able to. They have been onboarding administrative personnel and building up their office infrastructure which, for firms whom have never held a HUD Contract before, is time consuming. A source speaking on condition of anonymity stated that the nature of how the bids were placed did not allow for the order milling of work orders.

We were also able to confirm, through several sources within the Industry, that the recent onboarding of Purdy Enterprise’s new Chief Operations Officer, Mitch Davidson, occurred in a normal and orderly manner. It was revealed that Davidson’s movement from Market Ready, where Davidson was a Vice President, to Purdy Enterprise, had been in the works for quite some time. And while from the outside, looking in, it appeared that Davidson may have had access to pricing information on both Market Ready and Purdy Enterprise Contracts, sources both within and without state that he did not. So, at least one portion of the Purdy Enterprise hurdle appears to be cleared.

What remains to be seen is what the pricing structure will be for Minority Females and Labor. And to be fair, Market Ready, Purdy Enterprise, Alpine Companies, Innotion Enterprise, Best Assets, and Strategic Alliance Management JV, LLC, have all not released any pricing, to date.

When we sit down and closely examine the official bid awards released by HUD, several things become clear. First, there is going to have to be some bundling of services. What I mean is that after the Initial Services, the reality is that it would appear that the lawn maintenance will probably be paired with the inspection. Provided that Minority Females and Labor are allowed to handle properties from cradle-to-grave, this probably would work out. If, though, as we saw with PK Management for years, the HUD Awardees allow their select few to do the Initial Services and then bring in others to clean up the remaining mess and never get a piece of the pie, there will be enmity between Labor and Management.

It is not all a bed of roses, though. Foreclosurepedia has been documenting how the HUD Awardee for Florida, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands, Strategic Alliance Management JV, LLC, a melange between Tony Chinye and Pedro Kolychkine, owner of PK Management, is the poster child for why an independent counsel needs to be appointed to review how HUD performs its Awards. We know that HUD has, for years, refused to speak with top level whistleblowers and that those whom have offered to bring incriminating information forward have been treated like criminals, themselves. We know that many Minority Females and Labor are skittish to work for firms whom have zero transparency and that refuse to do anything other than enrich their bottom line with no concern for those whom actually perform the services themselves.

If Management elects to force Minority Females and Labor to wait on paper checks; if Management refuses to offset both the Canadian Lumber Tariffs; and if Management attempts to roll out $20 grass cuts, Foreclosurepedia vows to proceed forward with its pickets and door hanger campaigns.

With the economy gathering steam, the ugly and unspoken truth is that the HUD Awardees may not be able to even recruit enough personnel to handle even the slim volumes available. Foreclosurepedia spoke with the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) yesterday and was informed that while IAFST has Membership throughout the HUD Award Areas, unless pricing is on par with both the Service Contract Act (SCA) and unless it is a cradle-to-grave relationship, many of their Members would have no interest and simply remain within the pre conveyance structure performing both maintenance and rehabs which has had a recent uptick over the last quarter.

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