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Heather Berghorst At It Again And Again And Again!

Heather Berghorst, the disgraced and former Secretary of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime just doesn’t seem to get the message that fraud doesn’t pay. Facing massive litigation in federal court for embezzlement, fraud and larceny from Contractors; pending willful and malicious injury charges from Fifth Third Bank with respect to the illegal transfer of nearly SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS of property and cash, Berghorst is the poster child for what the NAMFS Regime stands for. With massive support from Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, NAMFS Regime Vice President, in that Farelo-Fernandez refuses to remove Berghorst from the NAMFS Regime Offender Member list, it is obvious that Berghorst is emboldened.

A recent tip from a member of the Foreclosurepedia Nation sent us to the Rental Property Owners of America (RPOA) website wherein Berghorst has been trolling through the gutters under yet another Company Name:  Lighthouse Property Solutions.

Douglas Berghorst filed for Lighthouse Property Solutions on 24 June 2014 about the same time that the Berghorst’s were gearing up for their Bankruptcy Filing in Michigan. I mean I have never AND I MEAN NEVER encountered scum bag motherfuckers like this. These maggots defraud Contractors up and down the midwest ALL UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYE OF ALTISOURCE and simply thumb their noses at those they have committed atrocities against. Try as Altisource might to distance themselves from Berghorst, the reality is that they are so fucking far down the sewer with this hag and her two timing dead beat husband, there is no extricating themselves.

Remind me again how it is that this company is not listed as an asset on the bankruptcy?! To ensure that we get the word out, we are reaching out to RPOA in the morning as well as those suing the Berghorsts for their atrocities against humanity. I mean these financial terrorists are going to be brought to justice. We are additionally reaching out to those working with Devin Berghorst as this mafia like family need to be addressed. Devin, most famous for his Greek Life escapades which I personally believe were financed by the defraudment of Contractors, will become the center of attention going forward. As Training and Communications Coordinator of Berghorst Enterprises, Devin benefited from the monies which were not paid to Contractors best I can tell. If you are a Contractor and believe the same as I do, why not give Devin a call and ask him for his opinion,

Devin Berghorst

Assistant Director of Greek Life
University of Michigan
Office of Greek Life

Get In Touch

Staff Photo by Lisa Longlois

Devin served as the interim IFC Adivisor during the 2013-2014 academic year and then was hired as Assistant Director of Greek Life.  He graduated from Hope College with a degree in Psychology and in Secondary Education with a Social Studies Composite focus. At Hope, he was the president of his local fraternity and of the Interfraternity Council. He has  a Master’s Degree in Higher Education from the University of Michigan.  Outside of work, Devin loves sports and is an avid How I Met Your Mother fan.  He and his wife Liz live in Arbor.


In commemoration of the bag of lies which Altisource spun up about doing the right thing, we are going to walk everyone down the road to remind people of precisely what Altisource knew and when they knew it tomorrow in both Articles and a Three Hour Podcast you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! Eric Miller, the ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLAR PLUS A YEAR NAMFS Regime hack whom protects these animals, sure has a lot to be proud of today. You people can run from the law, but you cannot hide! The Foreclosurepedia Nation is almost 1,000 Strong now which is nearly THREE TIMES the size of the NAMFS Regime! United we stand, divided we fall! A slight against one is a slight against ALL!


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