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When Former Detroit Lions Call Foreclosurepedia We Know We Hit A Nerve

I have never been one to be impressed much by titles or what people do in life. With respect to professional sports, I am even less impressed as the obscene amounts of money paid which could be more appropriately applied to poverty, medicine and hunger seem to make far more sense. So, when I received two emails and a voicemail from Billy Sims, Heisman Trophy Winner and former Detroit Lions player (I have no idea what he did for them as I don’t watch sports too much) I didn’t think a whole lot about it. Below, is the one email (the other simply stated that he listed his wrong personal number) and his Voicemail on the Foreclosurepedia Podcast GV Line,

Mr Williams. My name is Billy Sims, I am the 1978/ Heisman Trophy Winner and former all pro running back for the Detroit Lions. I would like to speak to you regarding your article on Herb Starther. I can be reached at  [Redacted].   Sent from my iPad


Obviously, I clipped the phone number Mr Sims left. So, I took a break from hanging sheetrock and gave Sims a call. It went down just about like this:

Sims With Fan
Sims With Fan

Foreclosurepedia: This is Paul Williams, are you Bill Sims?

Sims:  Yes. Do you know who I am?

Foreclosurepedia:  Not really. You stated you play foot …

Sims: I was the Heisman Trophy Winner in 1978 and played for the Detroit Lions.

Foreclosurepedia:  If you say so. I don’t watch much football and I really don’t …

Sims:  [Exasperated] If I say so? I was the Heisman Trophy Winner! What do you mean ‘If you say so’?

Foreclosurepedia:  I mean if you say so. Look, you asked me to call you, what did you …

Sims:  [Hangs up]

Sims, for some reason, seemed worked up enough about my Article on Herb Strather and his ill fated attempt to purchase 6,350 properties in Detroit, to track down my personal email — telling me that someone whom possessed it gave it to him — and called on my Google Voice number which also gives a transcription. Was this Bill Sims? I have no idea; he certainly sounded pissed off enough that I didn’t bow down with phone in hand and even more furious when I said I didn’t know whom he was and really didn’t seem to care. There are two people in Michigan whom I would presume transmitted the information and will soon be able to confirm or exclude and take appropriate action. Regardless, Sims and his 35+ BBQ Restaurants — which strike me as way overpriced; his street named after him in Hooks, TX; his Heisman Trophy and Detroit Lions fame, are all irrelevant to me. The reason why is that when you call someone — more importantly a Member of the Media — and hang up on them because they do not know whom the fuck you are and care even less, sends a clear and distinct message. That message is that if your conversation hinges upon grovelling, perhaps call ESPN. What little respect I might have had for NFL Players now ranks about as high as that I have for the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime.

I want to get very candid here, for a moment. I could give two shits who Sims thinks he was or for that matter why he called. My opinions with respect to Herb Strather remain the same and no three bit hack pigskin tosser is going to change them. When you have potential conflicts of interest which were documented by the Detroit News — Foreclosurepedia had to reach out to them to correct a mispelling no less — perhaps Sims ought to pursue his local media as Foreclosurepedia — at least according to the NAMFS Regime — is a publication read by no one. Strather, as I see it, should never have been allowed to bid on jack shit anyway. Strather had millions in owed in tax debt recently paid down to $300,000. I mean let’s keep this shit real. If I had debt like that I would have been behind bars a LONG TIME AGO! Cry me a river about healing Detroit. Maybe pay your bills and it would help Detroit more than attempting to swoop in like a vulture and gentrify neighborhoods while attempting to have the taxpayer — again — finance yet more catastrophic real estate failures. And maybe I have it wrong; maybe my opinion is all fucked up. I guess we will never know as Strather was told, politely, to kick rocks.

Detroit has always been a political hack town. After stiffing everyone under the sun to the tune of SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS in their bankruptcy — a bankruptcy which had the politicians not had their beaks in every fucking pot probably would have never been necessary as I see it — the mayor sent his proverbial poverty pimp back to US Bankruptcy Court to grandstand. Here is the exchange, play by play, which the Detroit News laid out yesterday,

Raimi wanted more time to review legal fees charged by Jones Day, which is pushing for quicker approval so the city can exit bankruptcy court by Thanksgiving.

“I confirmed this plan. I found it was feasible last Friday, right? And now you’re asking me to reconsider it. What is that?” Rhodes asked Raimi.

Earlier, Raimi said there is concern about total fees exceeding $130 million and the unexpected cost ripping a hole in Detroit’s debt-cutting plan. Legal fees topped $140 million last month and will continue to climb in coming weeks.

“Are you saying (the plan) is not feasible?” the judge asked.

“No,” Raimi said.

“Why would you be arguing about the infeasibility of this plan except as some sort of political grandstand?” the judge asked.

“Oh, my goodness,” Raimi said. “My goodness, your honor.”

“I won’t tolerate that, sir,” the judge said.

“I’m 63 years old,” Raimi said.

“It is of no matter to me how old you are,” the judge interrupted, “and I assure you I’m older than you are.”

“I have never grandstanded for any purpose,” Raimi said.

“Well, good. I’m glad to have your commitment that it’s not going to happen again,” the judge said.

“My only interest, your honor, is what’s best for the city of Detroit,” Raimi said.

“Well, then, where have you been?” the judge said.

Now, I highly doubt that Sims gives two shits about Foreclosurepedia. And when amateurs tip their hand, it reveals far more than they ever should. The reality is that this is the typical Detroit mentality: If the fame doesn’t spook them, hit ’em with the race card. If the race card doesn’t work, sue ’em. If the lawsuits don’t work, riot. Here’s the reality in East Tennessee: we treat everyone the same famous or otherwise as we don’t have big egos; the poverty pimping doesn’t go down well because you either work or you don’t eat — not big on welfare as we drug test for food stamps; litigation is slim to none here in a conservative state; and rioting is dealt with swiftly in the area I live in as they filmed Deliverance here.

Now, whether Sims became frightened by my Deep Southern Drawl or was simply pissed off because Whitey would not curl up in the fetal position, I have no idea and frankly do not care. I have little respect for Yankees and if they want a protracted and asymmetrical war I will, with Southern Charm and Flair, gladly oblige. My opinions will not be silenced.

Some final observations: If you want to call me back and if you are the real Bill Sims, I’ll gladly accept some BBQ as a conversation starter and let bygones be bygones. If those whom really want to speak to me wish to speak off the record, I will honor that, as well. We live in a civilized society wherein might is not right; financial terrorism against the 99% by the 1% only works well when people have something to loose. I have nothing to loose. Make no mistake about that whatsoever. I will die for my Cause and that is a fanaticism which ensures mutually assured destruction. The ball is in your court, gentlemen.

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