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Why Marijuana Advocates Like Conrado Are Not The Best Recruiters

There is a firestorm going on over on DramaBook with the Drive By Social Media Pundits circling the wagons. You have the advocate for Pot Smoking, Teresa Kathryn Conrado, proprietor of Never Winter Properties LLC in Gibsonton, Florida, attacking Foreclosurepedia and Northsight Management is in the cross hairs. I always get a smile when I look at hacks like Conrado; Jason the hubby hopefully has better sense. I mean here is a company that opened its doors on in February, 2014, and in less than a week had filed to change its name and address. The reality, though, is that with I am sure Conrado, with her vast experience in fucking Contractors at Safeguard Properties and Cyprexx will make a GREAT Order Mill as she progresses along.

This Article is more about Meg Barnes, Northsight Management’s new Recruiter. Barnes is a fairly decent lady down in Arizona; Barnes was one of the few folks whom were legitimate over at the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) during the Thomas Clark – Chris Zilkowski – Bennett Vinson power tug of war. When I founded NPPG, the reality was that I needed to determine whether or not Contractors had the ability to comprehend the dynamics of democracy and whether or not the weasels would pour out of the woodwork. I also had an agenda to determine whom amongst the Contractors were willing to Deep Six their fellow man in exchange for short term financial gain. The reality is that the False Flag Operation I spun up was far more successful than my wildest dreams.

The International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) capitalized upon the lessons learned under #OpNPPG. While folks like John Lemming and others believed that their initial amateur hour maps and pathetic databases were the Holy Grail; while folks like Aaron Davitian and the Texas Trio really believed that they were going to create a database of Contractors to rape and pillage, they found out that it was definitely short lived. In fact, other than a few blow hards touting the Pink Manifesto, the reality is that all have come and gone under the Watchful Eye of Forelosurepedia.

There were a few folks whom I met and felt were decent within the NPPG. Troy Hanohano is a gentleman whom I have great respect for — hope that doesn’t fuck you in work, but you’re a Good Joe my man and I miss our calls! Albeit, we had a dusting off at the beginning, the reality is that I would like to believe that today Troy is a man whom I would gladly break bread with and he with I. His operations on the Hawaiian Islands are imitated by all and equaled by NONE! Meg Barnes is another of those whom I interacted with periodically. Barnes was a person whom I could take to the bank that which she told me.

Recruiting in today’s Industry is much like pulling teeth without anesthesia. The reality is that most Recruiters, even when they have landed a viable asset, have no idea whether or not they will be productive. While Recruiters will always be a necessary part of the Industry Cycle, the reality is that today IAFST has pioneered Contractor Recruitment. Gone are the days of spending a minimum of 100 hours tossing the hook out there; 10 Work Orders on the testing of the line; and an additional six months to know whether or not the sinker is optimal.

In the same way that CIA creates files both on our friends and enemies, so IAFST has capitalized upon the enormous data sets which ISTAR Clear Base has amassed over the past several years.The analogy is that while Aspen Grove Solutions will fleece you for hundreds of dollars each year to guess whether or not someone might have been caught committing a crime — simply look at the class action litgiation pending against their non social security number running firm First Advantage — IAFST liaises Recruiters with Contractors whom have been vetted to the nth degree.

While Foreclosurepedia has not had the opportunity to clear Northsight Management, we do submit that Meg Barnes is a woman whom will answer your questions honestly as a Recruiter. I am writing this in response to a whirlwind of back alley Facebook Pundits going after her personally. Northsight aside, Barnes passes the smell test. In the same sentence, Teresa Conrado would do well sticking with the Kelnaria writings and probably avoid the pitfalls of protracted and asymmetrical attacks. I am confident that Foreclosurepedia is capable of bringing to her literary doorstep a war which is immeasurable in both power and swiftness. In fact, Ms Conrado, whose claim to fame appears to be Safeguard Properties and Cyprexx is the type of person I revel in proving the subtle nuances of how the vernacular paints pictures which terrify investors on places like Kickstarter. A bit of free advice which a reporter of your level should have known, if you are attempting to promote a book, probably best to spend the $48 on a website of your own, instead of the free shit you have now!


In closing, the spinning up and spinning down of these Order Mills like Northsight Management will become frequent and painful through Q2FY2015 contrary to that which the marijuana advocate Conrado might want to believe. I mean that, all bullshit aside, is probably the most insane quote I have seen in years — Gee, I am a Property Preservationist and a HUGE advocate of Dope! What Contractors need to come to understand is that if they are going to participate in them, having honest recruiters like Barnes makes life just a little bit easier! — Ball is in your court Conrado; I believe the score is 15 – Love. Suggest you reach out to Klein and your pals and Level Up.  😉

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