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Hawaii Braces For Not One But Two Hurricanes In The Next Twelve Hours

The Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu issued a hurricane warning for Hawaii County on Wednesday afternoon. “Tropical storm conditions are expected on the Big Island of Hawaii Thursday, with hurricane conditions expected Thursday night,” the center advised. The storm had maximum sustained winds of 90 mph on Wednesday night but Iselle was expected to weaken as it nears Hawaii.

As usual, the Order Mills — including our good buddies over at Altisource — could give two shits as to whether or not any damage will occur. You would fall out laughing if you knew what they wanted to pay for regular work there! Nothing preventive has been done and furthermore instead of preemptively preparing, Altisource and others will simply continue to demand that Contractors board flights to perform services for pennies on the dollar.

We want to give a special shout out to our friend on the Islands Troy Daligdig. Troy is in the path of the storm and you know what he is doing? Troy is PREEMPTIVELY preparing for strategic response. For those of you here on the Mainland whom need people capable of servicing the entirety of the Islands, Troy is your man. I get no coin nor props from him for saying this. Troy is a guy I like and respect within the Industry. We wish he and the rest of the folks on the Islands Pomaika`i

Hawaii Hurricane

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