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CDC Issues Level 1 Alert: Maybe The Industry Should As Well

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Atlanta issued a Level One Alert for the Ebola virus outbreak. In essence, this is an all hands on deck scenario and has only been issued 3 times in the history of the Emergency Operations Center. I was reading this while on the phone with a Contractor in Flordia whom was owed well over ten thousand dollars by HomeStar for a rehab. Many will remember HomeStar Property Solutions (HomeStar) when Foreclosurepedia reported upon their refusal to pay nearly SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS TO CONTRACTORS. Nothing has changed at HomeStar other than Michael Breese, HomeStar Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Keegan Wallace, HomeStar’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), opening up a new multi million dollar office down in Texas which Contractors have unwittingly financed. Did I forget to mention that HomeStar is a Vendor for Altisource --- My bad, #OpALTISORE?! Yeah, go figure. Fuck Bill Shepro and his lapdog lawyer whom likes to threaten people.

So, what we have is a Level One on Steroids in this Industry. When my Altisource - #OpALTISORE Article is published later this evening --- Altisource was provided the opportunity to respond and did not --- people are going to recognize the true depths of corruption we are involved in.

With respect to the Contractor, we are working with him on his Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaint against HomeStar and Safeguard Properties (SGP). Eight months and counting. I mean I understand that Breese and his brother-in-law Wallace --- wait a minute so we have Amir Jaffa whom married into the Robert Klein Dynasty (props to Klein at least for his street cred); we have Tom Kalas whom married into the Joe Badalamenti Dynasty on and on by

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