Foreclosurepedia To Scale Back Advocacy

Ohio is the final straw for Foreclosurepedia's kindness mistaken as weakness.

Over the past ninety days, Foreclosurepedia has successfully repatriated nearly Seventy Five Thousand Dollars to Minority Females and Labor, which normally would have remained in the profit columns of National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members. 14 of the 20 firms were from the Ohio Valley Region. 16 of those firms paid it forward with a thank you email; two with a combined total of $45; one left Foreclosurepedia owing a database bill of $27.98; and the final firm was never heard from again. In fact, the new breed of Labor strike me not dissimilar to their NAMFS Masters. And to be clear, there is a difference between what I write on here — I write my opinions because I enjoy writing — and advocacy. Ironically, as I am typing this, I received this email,

It never ceases to amaze me that with nearly 10,000 subscribers, usually the only time anyone reaches out is after they are in a world of shit. Let me clarify that, just a bit. For years, I have written about National Field Network (NFN), one of the most horrific spawns of the NAMFS Regime. NFN was empowered both by Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director whom is paid over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year; Miller, whose salary consumes over EIGHTY PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues, and Adam and Amanda Buczek whom operated Buczek Enterprises. Buczek Enterprises was one of many NAMFS Members bankrupted out by the transparency brought to bear upon their fraud and whom during the course of their criminal enterprise defrauded over One Million Dollars from Minority Females and Labor.

As NFN cut one of the largest NAMFS Sponsored swaths of fraud ever seen, emboldened by support from Reverse Mortgage Solutions — this is where Amanda Buczek went after she sold out her father’s company Buczek Enterprises — and Altisource, to Fannie Mae and Safeguard Properties, Foreclosurepedia presented Eric Miller with megabytes of data documenting Shari Nott‘s criminality. Nott was the protegee of John Ward, the founder of NAMFS, and later became the CEO of NFN. And while Nott and her Cocaine Cowboy COO, Chris Crandell went on to form 3 new companies with the monies owed to Minority Females and Labor, Miller and the rest of his NAMFS Regime Membership laughed and spit in the faces of the families destroyed.

The person whom just wrote me had been a Subscriber to the Foreclosurepedia Nation Newsletter for months. And for months that person knew, full well, that they should have been preparing liens and obtaining Counsel. And for those same months, while Foreclosurepedia sent out several Donation Campaign Drives, they refused to donate a penny. They are entitled to Drink from the Well because that is why Foreclosurepedia offers it to all; however, when one comes to the Well and then refuses to drink from it, that crisis does not constitute an emergency for Foreclosurepedia.

The amount of time and resources expended upon assisting people to get back their money is considerable. And the reality is that when people come to Foreclosurepedia, the reality is that they are at the end of the road. They have lost all hope and most are destitute. For years, Foreclosurepedia would willingly advocate on behalf of Labor as Labor would continue to pay it forward for the next firm. Today, though, it is hard to distinguish between NAMFS and Labor itself when it comes to the attitudes and underlying sense of entitlement.

It isn’t simply those whom write us, day in and day out, asking for help. As many know, Foreclosurepedia recently spearheaded a partnership between Hedge Funds and Qualified Contractors. As with anything in life, these relationships require a vetting process which cost money to access specific databases and require specific licensure. So, from jump, if you cannot even afford to obtain the documents needed to perform services in a legal setting, how in G-d’s name do you expect Foreclosurepedia to place you in front of Hedge Funds?

The Mortgage Field Services Industry is feeling more and more like the line at the Mogadishu DMV. Unfunded, unverified, and uncomfortable. And it is not just on my side of the aisle.

In fact, a larger Client of mine came to me yesterday and stated that he had multiple contractors — and I am loathe to use that word in light of the federal court decisions and multi-million dollar MCS Settlement classifying contractors as employees — come to he from United Field Services all with an identical Aspen Grove Solutions Number. Several years ago, Eric Miller could have brushed it off; however, today, there are enough Regional Prime Vendors whom have had it. The fact of the matter is that Miller is allowing an unfair economic advantage to those whom all use the same number while forcing others, whom will not pay Miller off, to foot the bill for unique numbers for all of their crews.

Beginning on the 15th, Foreclosurepedia will become a Membership Based website. Unfortunately, the time has come to pull back from sharing the wealth of information with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

I digress. Going forward, if you have an issue, Foreclosurepedia will first check and see if you have Donated to any of our Campaigns or are actively involved with any of the entities we are. If not, I recommend you have a checkbook in hand or go and hire a lawyer. If you are looking for access in the future or are wanting to participate in any of the opportunities we have created, representing nearly One Billion Dollars in Contractual Assets, you are more than welcome to pay a Consulting Fee and we will be more than willing to assist you with any of the plethora of issues which are facing Minority Females and Labor today. And finally, if you are one of those whom always have a dozen questions a week and yet can never figure out how to even donate a SINGLE DOLLAR in over five years, feel free to call Eric Miller.


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