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CWIS On The Ropes As Labor Contemplates Liens

When Dave and Carolyn Ramagos chose a pitched battle with Foreclosurepedia years ago; when they defended the Brandon Lambert and Jason Mathis Axis of Evil and refused to pay me years ago, chances are that they could not comprehend why forty two dollars was so important. Forty two dollars, plus or minus, is what they owed me and it, along with the several hundred dollars owed by Asset Management Specialists ensured that my son did not have a Christmas that year. As long as I live I will never forgive the owners of these multi million dollar Houses of Fraud.

The company, that just one year ago had only three full-time employees, won a five-year, $50 million contract last summer to manage and maintain homes for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. — Colorado Springs Business Journal speaking on CWIS.

Fact of the matter is that while Dave may have a US Air Force ticket punching resume, not a single person I spoke with had a kind word for his wife, the Vice President of CWIS, Carolyn. And the reality is that the enormity of connections to accused child pedophile Mickey Snow has many in the Mortgage Field Services Industry wondering how far the Snow Enterprises control goes.

Snow Enterprises was in charge of virtually all aspects of ground operations in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Florida. Florida is most interesting as it was there that Mickey Dale Snow began to amass an enormous portion of his real estate empire. This Empire which was put forth, in part, as collateral for the TWENTY ONE MILLION DOLLAR BOND he posted, including a One Million Dollar Cash Bond, after his arrest during an International Manhunt involving the US Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Royal Thai Police.

Tongsua Management continues to play an ongoing and very hush hush role throughout the Industry. Somporn Tongsua, Snow’s on again and off again lover-wife-business proxy is seen on the financial records of virtually every National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Member, along with Snow Enterprises, the enormous vampire squid built by Mickey Dale Snow. Scratch the surface of the Florida, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands second string replacements and you will find the digital footprints of Mickey, alive and well.

Fucking Ray of Sunshine

In a time when punch phrases like due diligence are being flung around by the likes of Jason Rosenberg, of Alston & Bird fame — Assurant Field Asset Specialists (AFAS) hired mouthpiece whom ensured that absolutely ZERO TRANSPARENCY on now MULTIPLE Personally Identifiable Information (II) Spillage with respect to homeowners, real estate agents and Labor — CWIS might want to consider their latest missive pleading for more time to pay Labor on their FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT.


— Hey, Drive By Media, Can You Hear Me Now?!

Stay tuned as Foreclosurepedia kicks it into high gear against CWIS down in sunny Florida. Join us as we go down the dark passages where Cyprexx and Safeguard Properties hang out in the pre conveyance shadows like dope peddlers on 5th and Vine. Climb aboard as we shine a bright light in on the  Mile High – Mickey Snow – Miami connections and bring the transparent rays of sunlight to bear upon what has become the most corrupt cesspool on earth, Pedophile Junction.

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