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Curious About Your New HUDSEC?

Shaun Donovan, current US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary (HUDSEC), is heading for greener pastures over at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Probably not unwise taking into consideration all of the strife currently ongoing with Protests and cover ups with respect to the Asset Management Specialists (AMS) debacle. Mayor Julián Castro of San Antonio is anticipated to be President Obama’s nominee to replace Donovan. Not surprising, really, when one looks down the road at the 2016 Presidential Elections as Castro has been mentioned in some circles as a potential shoe in for the Vice Presidential Spot on Hillary Clinton’s Ticket. All the trappings of racial appeasement are present both now and potentially for a 2016 run on the Democratic Party’s side with respect to the Hispanic Community.

OMBs Sylvia Mathews Burwell had originally been tapped as HUDSEC, but it would appear that she is headed for the Heath and Human Services Secretary (HHSSEC) as Senate confirmation.

For those in the HUD Marketing and Management  (M&M) world; the HUD M&M 3.7 and 3.8, it might behoove them to take a close look at the new, political landscape shaping up within the Beltway. The Emperor is shifting his Cabinet around like a freshman on a chess game — or, perhaps like a strategist on the field trying to get all of his troops some game time before the end. Castro and his twin brother, Representative Joaquin Castro, have both been prominent in passing the hat out on the fundraising circuit.

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