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Poverty Pimps: Reflections on the Corrupt Mortgage Field Services Industry

Two years ago when I sat down to put Foreclosurepedia together my primary goal was to create an educational platform for Contractors to visit without having to pay money. At the time there were too many folks like Terry Platt running around selling their wares and it stuck me as unfair that the only way someone could learn anything was to pay money; no apprenticeships if you will. Several months into the project I got a call from a fairly prominent New Yorker whom had inquired why I was doing what I was doing and not charging. My reply? It was the right thing to do. I had a belief that those whom were helped would be more than willing to donate a few dollars here and there; I had a belief that if I took the time to help people they would at least be willing to participate with law enforcement. Boy was I wrong!

Since that phone call on a cold, winter’s evening when I lived along the Kentucky border Foreclosurepedia evolved into the most influential Blog that the Mortgage Field Services Industry ever saw. Politics aside, Foreclosurepedia was instrumental in the introduction of both real time information transmission and Social Media Group Creation amongst Contractors. Both our name, Foreclosurepedia, and many of our Terms such as Order Mill — yes Terry Platt you can steal yet another word from others with your TM/SM — will now forever be part of the Common Vocabulary within the Industry. More on this piss poor excuse for humanity below as well as his new #Hack-A-Thon buddy FH Arney tonight. That Platt would sell out Contractor information to databases whom profit upon Contractor’s backs is the epitome of why I am getting out of this madness.

Two things always held constant with the Industry: Contractors were getting fucked and Contractors would fuck each other. The reality, though, is that there are no Contractors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry — there are Employees. There is no avoiding this salient fact. An additional reality is that there is no meaningful federal oversight of the Industry. While most folks are loathe to admit that US Government Oversight is ever welcome, in the Mortgage Field Services Industry it is long overdue.

My premise for US Government oversight is not with respect to the daily activities such as lawn maintenance or maid services. What I am talking about is when you juxtapose the Industry quasi Contractors with their peers in ANY OTHER INDUSTRY the same protections afforded to their peers are missing within this Industry. Classic case-in-point: If I go to a homeowner in Anytown, USA, and bid a deck and am awarded  the Contract, the homeowner tells me the characteristics they want and I build the deck. When the job is done I am paid. The homeowner does not come 5 years later and take money from me on other work I am doing. If they do not pay me we go to Court … period.

Under the direct command and control of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, the results are diametrically different. First, NAMFS Regime Members dictate each and every step of how I work, then the agreed to amounts are altered downward and yet submitted at original face value to their Clients. Instead of honoring any Contractual Agreements, NAMFS Regime Members oft times refuse to pay; when back billing occurs there is no opportunity to correct allegations — that is what they are, merely allegations as NOT A SINGLE NAMFS REGIME MEMBER is physically on scene. When Contractors actually complain, they are black balled from the Industry for participating in their First Amendment Rights and the disparity between African American and Caucasian; between female and male with respect to discrimination is startling.

Time and again, whether it be Heather Berghorst whom is a Board Member and Secretary of the NAMFS Regime; Carol Boyd whom was a financial contributor to the NAMFS Regime; or Adam Buczek whose family were part of the original Legacy NAMFS Regime Founders, we see criminality displayed with respect to Contractors. As opposed to addressing this criminality, Eric Miller and the rest of the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors encourage a Ponzi Scheme environment by refusing to conduct Ethics Investigations and properly reporting such to Municipal, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement. The contempt with which NAMFS Regime Members hold the law is on parade each and every day. This contempt; this perversion of justice, reared its ugly head most poignantly when Eric Miller attempted to sue me personally for stating Contractors should pro actively address the NAMFS Regime Member’s refusal to pay them. Then, just like a predator does, Heather Berghorst threatened me personally with Federal Racketeering charges for stating she was defrauding Contractors. The culmination, just like the criminal profile suggests of predators whom are rewarded for their anti social behavior, culminated with Buczek Family Members threatening to murder myself, my girlfriend and our four year old child.

The root of all evil is money — fiat money from a Central Banking System to be precise. When several prominent law firms smelled the potential for profit, they decided to enter the fray. As opposed to being concerned with the plight of the quasi Contractors and their families whom were being destroyed by a gargantuan army of thugs and predators, these law firms realized that the very same victims whom were victimized by NAMFS Regime Members were still worth a few more dollars. Humanity never ceases to amaze me in its turning of a blind eye to profit upon the wreckage which it creates.

I was contacted by a third party last week to find out whether or not I would be amicable with turning evidence over to the US Attorneys General of New Jersey and New York along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In essence, I was requested to open up all of the dossiers I have amassed; all of the Sources I have worked with, for the enrichment of One Plaintiff. Mind you, humanity did not fail to live up to the pure, unadulterated evil which it so eloquently displays within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. No discussion of criminal charges; no discussion of the repatriation of wealth stolen from innocent victims, simply help us get rich.

There is a thing or two I have learned about the US Government in my brief life on Terra Firma. First, the US Government has absolutely no interest in justice. Time and time again — make note this is NOT A POLITICAL issue as both Democrats and Republicans have a vested interest in the status quo — when innocent men and women come forward to testify or as whistle blowers, they are destroyed. In the instant case, neither the US Attorney General himself nor the FBI have any interest in justice. What they may have an interest in is destroying anyone whom might be able to connect the dots.

ThinThread was a great example of the valuation upon which the US Government places both upon human lives and justice. From Wikipedia: ThinThread is the name of a project that the United States National Security Agency (NSA) pursued during the 1990s, according to a May 17, 2006 article in The Baltimore Sun. The program involved wiretapping and sophisticated analysis of the resulting data, but according to the article, the program was discontinued three weeks before the September 11, 2001 attacks due to the changes in priorities and the consolidation of U.S. intelligence authority. The “change in priority” consisted of the decision made by the director of NSA General Michael V. Hayden to go with a concept called Trailblazer, despite the fact that ThinThread was a working prototype that protected the privacy of U.S. citizens.

NSA whistleblowers J. Kirk Wiebe, William Binney, Ed Loomis, and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence staffer Diane Roark complained to the Department of Defense’s Inspector General (IG) about waste, fraud, and abuse in the program, and the fact that a successful operating prototype existed, but was ignored when the Trailblazer program was launched. The complaint was accepted by the IG and an investigation began that lasted until mid-2005 when the final results were issued. The results were largely hidden, as the report given to the public was heavily (90%) redacted, while the original report was heavily classified, thus restricting the ability of most people to see it.

The people who filed the IG complaint were later raided by armed Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents. While the Government threatened to prosecute all who signed the IG report, it ultimately chose to pursue an NSA Senior Executive — Thomas Andrews Drake — who helped with the report internally to NSA and who had spoken with a reporter about the project. Drake was later charged under the Espionage Act of 1917. His defenders claimed this was retaliation. The charges against him were later dropped, and he agreed to plead guilty to having committed a misdemeanor under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, something that Jesselyn Radack of the Government Accountability Project (which helped represent him) called an “act of civil disobedience”.

The Mortgage Field Services Industry is merely an extension of the Federal Reserve Board, vis-a-vis US Financial Institutions. Albeit, the US Financial Institutions are having a few problems today including the fact that JPMorgan is potentially on the ropes and Jamie Dimon is soon to be gone, it is a safe bet that the very same Financial Institutions whom we reported are having Suicides By Nail Gun and a plethora of other tasty measures would not have to think long nor hard in what to do with people in the Industry whom challenged them.

The cognitive dissonance within the Mortgage Field Services Industry is both blinding and deafening. I commend the Gatekeepers whom pull the NAMFS Regime strings. These are the folks that Eric Miller will never meet let alone be able to comprehend actually exist. They are the same folks whom people like Miller spend countless hours replacing 9 volt batteries in their smoke alarms thinking the blinking light is because of that — yeah, I bet you wondered, didn’t you Eric?! More on point, though, is that when you have a Herd Mentality, you get Herd Results. It is why there is rarely a screw up on the Kill Floor at a Processing Plant. Corral and cattle shoot; the implementation that the Emplactors (a melange of Contractor and Employee as Aviero calls them) are accustomed to. The medical definition which I came up with is Battered Contractor Syndrome with just a hint of Stockholm Syndrome to seal the deal.

The psychological phenomena exhibited by Industry Contractors to defend to the death their perpetrators is astonishing. Social Media abounds with the classic clinical studies. Foreclosurepedia has never been wrong in its predictions. Yet, when you look back at timelines and juxtapose a prediction I made with the Drive By Pundits you will see Stockholm Syndrome. Take the merger of Field Asset Services into Assurant Field Asset Services. I predicated the buy out and everyone thought I was nuts. I predicted the total and complete reorganization into an anti contractor establishment. I finally predicted the leveraging out of ma and pa firms with large firms whom dilute yet more the pay actually hitting the ground.

The inevitable reality is that Contractors have absolutely no idea how bad it is going to become this fall with the bankruptcies and mergers in full swing. Those whom read this have no idea how bad it is going to become.

In the past I have measured and restrained my responses to the evil in this Industry in hopes that some type of change might occur on the part of the NAMFS Regime. That change has not been forthcoming. In fact, the NAMFS Regime attempted to subvert what few Contractors whom were not traitors most recently in Florida. The NAMFS Regime and their rogue Contractors have brought dishonor upon the men and women of this Industry. Forever, the blemish of their corruption will stain the innocent. The reality, though, is that nothing is going to change. Oh, Foreclosurepedia has been instrumental in some minor victories; some Contractors have been able to be paid when they would normally not have been. Industry wide change, though, is not coming unless and until the US Government steps in and begins to indict owners.

The daily internalization of being privy to the worst mankind has to offer has taken a toll on my family and I. Even in some of the worst places on earth, witnessing that which I did, I have never seen the willingness to violate human beings like that which happens within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. I have only published less than one tenth of one percent of that which I have. Waking up each and every day to be greeted by a dozen or more emails begging for help; fielding phone calls from 0700EDT through 2300EDT daily, has ensured that until the day I die I will never look at human beings the way I same way again.

Over the next month or so I am going to phase out Foreclosurepedia. Our information and files will archive into the ISTAR Intelligence Database for the FireWire Network. The information will only be accessible from a Subscriber point-of-view. The vast majority of this information will be mirrored throughout Europe for repackaging and redistribution. As there is no longer any reason to believe that the NAMFS Regime or anyone else have any intentions of obeying the law, my protection of the gigabytes of data I have amassed on people and businesses seems to be rather moot. The Domain, Social Media and Advertising will all go to auction towards the end of next month. For those of you whom believe I will become independently wealthy, I anticipate a little bit less than what most of you folks make in a week.

The reality is that no one wants change. I realized this when I got an email from Bruce Davenport yesterday pertaining to ISN Corporation. There seemed to be no concern over raiding Pension Plans; the concern was the impact upon Contractors. How ironic. This is the core of the problem within the Industry. Everyone, Clients included, should be focusing on those whom are committing crimes and yet everyone is just looking for the next dollar. I knew then that the reality is that people would sell out their own mothers in order to make a dollar. When we as human beings have gotten to the point wherein we are willing to support and defend graft and corruption we are no longer a civilized society.

Reflecting back, the true irony is that the value of Foreclosurepedia is inherently the traffic it receives as opposed to the documentation of atrocities committed against human beings. As I finish up my book on the inner workings of this Industry and publicly out those deserving such, I will devote a Chapter to that. When Foreclosurepedia is purchased, it will be based upon some actuary in another country whom realizes that the CPC, CMI and CPI are off the charts with a conversion rate of almost 61% and a 49% rate for the opening of our Newsletter. So, after late June, it looks like the USS Spam will be afloat — I have no qualms either. With a database of almost 17,000+ unique emails I have amassed, let the Industry figure out what to do with the foreign nationals as they seem to have a love for them in the Industry anyway.

The footnote to the short period of time I spent on Foreclosurepedia is that I was successful in shutting down almost $154 Million dollars worth of criminals. Their names will forever be branded in Google. For those like Terry Platt whom might believe that they will get one off for the NAMFS Regime after I leave, you do such at your own digital peril. While I will not have Foreclosurepedia as a website any longer I am telling you publicly that I will have nothing but time to code. I have read your emails between you and Joe Hummel and Eric Miller. Out of everyone I ever locked horns with, you Platt are the worst of the worst. To sell out your own people to make money makes me sick. What makes you far more evil than even those defrauding Contractors is that you pushed information off on people that you were paid to publish. Your support by Joe Hummel and Michael Evangelo to enter NAMFS is a testament to the depths to which you will sink to make money.

It has been a good run; for those of you whom I helped I wish you the best. To the Sources whom I worked with I will take your names to the grave — unlike Terry Platt whom regularly updates his Network within the NAMFS Regime. The remainder of this month will be dedicated to releasing information on those NAMFS Regime Members whom are the most critical to take down. With that said, it has been a pleasure serving those of you whom took the time to thank me. I leave you with what best sums up the NAMFS Regime attitude for Contractors,

The Poster Child of the NAMFS Regime
The Poster Child of the NAMFS Regime

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