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Commander X Petitions For Official Political Asylum

Foreclosurepedia has always been supportive of those whom push the envelope of free speech and further those within the Anonymous Family whom protect us all. Commander X has, since his MIT days, been a gentleman whom has never taken the easy path in defending you and I. Commander X, amongst those whom not simply appreciate freedom, but cherish freedom, has been a household name. Tonight, I am proud to announce that he will be Petitioning the Governor of Mexico, for Political Asylum. We have written about Commander X and his sister, over the years. We first discussed him in Commander X: A Pocket Full Of Revolution. We then published Commander X Speaks On Anonymous And His New Book discussing his first book and Commander X was kind enough to do a Q & A with Foreclosurepedia. When the Vault 7 CIA Breach happened, Commander X was there and provided Foreclosurepedia and the World with a play-by-play on why we have a hell of a lot to fear in our article Commander X Speaks About The Vault 7 CIA Breach. And finally I was proud to write the article, Commander X Launches Anonymous Global Internet Radio. I called in on the show and answered several of the questions well ahead of others!

With that said, the below Press Release was distributed earlier to me and I am releasing it, verbatim. To that point, he and his sister have been keeping the lights on and that gets tough. Why not kick in a bit and help them out by DONATING HERE? And also, why not sign the Petition to assist with his Political Asylum located here?

Anonymous Operation Golden Eagle: Press Release
Monday – November 11, 2019  9:00 PM ET

Greetings World —

After a 7325 kilometer journey overland from Toronto to central Mexico, and over two years waiting and planning patiently from safe-houses provided to him by generous Mexican friends and supporters – we are pleased to announce that the final Phase Two of this Operation is now engaged!  During the first week of December of this year, Commander X, aka Christopher Mark Doyon – will present himself to the government of Mexico at the Federal Building in San Miguel de Allende, where he will tender his petition for political asylum and request refugee status. The event will be live streamed, and there will be media in attendance.


For this final phase of Anonymous Operation Golden Eagle, we and Commander X himself would like to briefly enlist the assistance of the entire Global Collective. What we have in mind is a firm, yet benevolent and friendly online pressure campaign targeted at just three officials of the government of Mexico who will make the final decision regarding the fate of Commander X. While we have full confidence in the government of Mexico doing the right thing and protecting this political dissident from the USA, we would like them to know nevertheless that the world is watching. Anons and other information activists who would like to assist in this crowd-sourced online campaign should visit the Op website and follow the Twitter account for Action Alerts and updates. We all thank you for your help in advance.


For those here in Mexico, or travelling to Mexico – who are interested in direct “court support” by personally attending the surrender in San Miguel de Allende – we thank you. Please reach out to us via Twitter or other methods to coordinate a meeting place and safety. Your presence will be welcomed by X and his crew as he approaches this fateful moment in his journey. Media and Press who wish to cover this historic moment should likewise reach out in advance of the surrender day to coordinate places and times. There will be a formal Press Conference immediately after the surrender in a nearby city, the details will be announced just before the surrender.


SINCERELY  —  Anonymous

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