Commander X: A Pocket Full Of Revolution

The Prologue to the Release of Commander X's Highly Anticipated Book!

When I first came across the name of Commander X, it was in a discussion with folks whom proverbially flew the banner of Anonymous and were involved in #OpISIS — #Op is shorthand for Operation and the hashtag is a universal identifier originally on Twitter and now utilized across the Net. I was midway through the #OpISIS Series I was writing and brushing up on the official and unofficial history of Anonymous, when I first came across an enigmatic figure born out of the early Anonymous AFK — Away From Keyboard — days. Commander X; Christopher Doyon, is an enigma. Depending upon which side of the political spectrum you lean, he is either the best thing since sliced bread to the Internet, or as the Far Right labels him, a terrorist skulking in the netherworlds of the Dark Net. In the exchanges I have had with he, Commander X has struck me as a fairly normal guy whom saw a problem and instead of hoping a corrupt system would change, rolled up his sleeves and got down to business himself,

For those of you in the Foreclosurepedia Nation whom are not familiar with Commander X, let me give you the Cliff’s Notes. Christopher Doyon was a Commander in the Peoples Liberation Front (PLF), originally based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. During his time at the PLF, Commander X was dispatched to Santa Cruz on behalf of his own Commander Adama, to exact vengeance upon the Santa Cruz Goon Squad — a.k.a. the Santa Cruz Police Department — for the death of a homeless friend of Adama’s. While in Santa Cruz, Commander X began what was to be a lifelong embracement of Anonymous. Unique to this relationship was the fact that, as I see it, Commander X became Anonymous. He was arrested in September 2011 for a cyber attack on the website of Santa Cruz County, California. Jumping bail, in February 2012, found Commander X fleeing across the US border into Canada and has continued to pursue cyber activism ever since from afar.

Those are the Cliff’s Notes. Commander X, though, is not a person to be broken down so simplistically. And I believe that the FBI would begrudgingly admit the same. I mean there are not too many folks I know of whom are on the run from the Five Eyes; from virtually every law enforcement agency on earth, and have written and published a book about such. To be sure, Edward Snowden is vocal and a daily participant in stirring the pot of dissent. The difference there is that Snowden is hanging his hat on the Russian’s dime. He is wanted in a plastic way, if you will. And more on point, had Commander X and Anonymous not built the infrastructure we have today with respect to dissemination of information; had the #Ops not continued to both evolve and grow from the 4chan scatology and pedobears as I was quoted saying by ET Brooking, a defense analyst at the Council of Foreign Relations, the reality is that Snowden would be nothing more glamorous than a simple defector to the Kremlin, like Kim Philby.

The book I referred to earlier is, Behind The Mask: An Inside Look At Anonymous. It is a brief autobiographical account of Commander X’s early beginnings at the PLF; his beginnings in and climbing the ranks of Anonymous; and culminates with his eventual arrival in Canada as a political exile. I may catch some heat for not labeling he a wanted criminal. I stand behind this and am loathe to affix such a Scarlet Letter upon Commander X. A criminal, to me, is one whom has broken with the norms of society and done something in which has created a victim. In the instant case, Commander X has done nothing other than that which our Founding Fathers commanded that we do in payment for bestowing upon we the Mantle of Freedom and Citizenship. Commander X caused no damage to anyone or anything in Santa Cruz with respect to his actions against an unjust and tyrannical government. Let us be frank and candid in the examination. Commander X held the equivalent of a cyber sit in. By way of comparison, the Emperors Whom Wears No Clothes in Washington has murdered millions by and through collateral damage in their wars over religion, petrochemical control and dick waving contests parading around as proxy wars. Let us not be coy in how history will reflect upon this once great Nation. And before anyone gets up on that High Horse and blame the Left or the Right; Democrat or Republican, study with great care that stone before you cast it about recklessly in the glass house we have all built to watch slow motion train wrecks we all love and dare not get our hands dirty with.

Commander X did what we all wanted to do; Christopher Mark Doyon parted the political Red Sea while the proverbial God of our Time was taking an extended lunch break in some remote corner of the universe far removed from this Third Rock From The Sun. While I am agnostic, the irony of religion does not miss its mark with me. You see, the eternal battle of Good and Evil; of God and Satan, play out daily in the lives of folks whom have the luxury of an agrarian society and are capable of contemplating the poor and miserable lives of the less fortunate over in the Sandbox or in some Sub Saharan estuary where refugees give it one more shot at not catching yet more shrapnel brought to them compliments of the fucking USA and that pedophile Uncle Sam. Hell, just ask that kid whom was washed up on the beach last year how all that American Pride is going for him right about now. How about asking the Great Savior Obama how those folks over in Aleppo are getting by on Obama Care in a town wherein surgeries are taking place with tweezers as intervention doesn’t make Dick Chaney and Halliburton a dime.

Commander X, for all that anyone wishes to heap upon he, is probably the last goddamn John Wayne left in this two bit, outsourced backwater of a Nation we commonly refer to as the United States. I want that to sink in as I am sure, right about now, some needle dick at the FBI is having the same heart palpitations which a DemocracyNow! junkie experiences when they are knee deep in a Rush Limbaugh monologue binge. Fuck them! Fuck Quantico; fuck Foggy Bottom; fuck Langley and fuck Uncle Sam for allowing our once great Nation to even need Anonymous! You see, that’s the deal, at the end of the day. The Suits, all hopped up on steroids and pedo-flavored, penis shaped gummy bears are all swooning to the beat of the Emperor. These spineless fucktards are caving in the skulls of the peasants and cruising around in MRAPs like some twisted B Rate Lowrider remake. I mean we are living in a world wherein if you are law enforcement and haven’t shot an unarmed black man to death you risk loosing your job.

It is getting pretty bad when the Constitution allows for public demonstrations; however, you must do such in a cordoned off area. Yeah, don’t want to upset the Suits whom are having a rough day loosing US Taxpayers hard earned money on another fucking London Whale over in the UK. And our elections? Shit, I have never voted in my life. I am a military man and the reality is that the elections are simply the Roman Circus — your vote doesn’t matter anyway as the Electoral College decides the winner several years in advance guided by lobbyists in the netherworld of Fucktardia, Population YOU!

Commander X strikes terror into those whom hunt him not because he took down some websites. He flicked the noses of the Suits and didn’t have the common courtesy to give them a reach around. Good for him. I mean there is some fucking irony. The internet. HBGary. Aaron Barr. What a goddamn joke. Nothing exists in cyberspace other than a switch is on or it is off. You see, it is the fragile egos of the Suits, though, that must be defended to the death. And make no fucking mistake that, a) The Suits’ egos are fucking fragile like some petulant debutante whose daddy isn’t paying her the molestation money anymore; and b) There is NOTHING tangible in cyberspace! The irony, though, is how much belief and dependency we place in the world wide web! I mean where else can a bank, convicted of a felony, create 2 million phony accounts and not a goddamn thing happen?!  It is the collective madness of a society in which the Emperor Wears No Clothes and Commander X stood up and told the world both that he had a pair and the Emperor was a eunuch.

As we discuss Commander X and his recently released book — which you can purchase by clicking it on the sidebar and I DO NOT GET A PENNY — we are going to discuss precisely how and why Anonymous was actually created by all of us. Fact of the matter is that while the 50 something, pot bellied white man reclines in his Lazy Boy of Humanity; while his blonde daughter is in an interracial relationship; his son getting his freak on in a public restroom behind the Masonic Lodge; and his wife is slowly committing emotional suicide standing by her man, the World woke up and said, Fuck this shit!

The election of Donald Trump was the gasping last breath of Whitey whom said, We did 8 years under a black man; it would have been another 8 years under a woman; and inevitably another 8 years under a queer.

But you see, the danger in fucking with the pendulum is that it inevitably swings a radical 180 in the opposite direction. While the FBI curse the name of Christopher Doyon, the reality is that he is our modern day DB Cooper. The only difference is that Commander X decided to thumb his nose at the Suits. Commander X and Anonymous make me proud that I live in the world today. And if you think that Anonymous and their cells are not changing things beyond the One Terminal At A Time, I recommend you get off your bourgeois, diet soda drinking ass and take a look at Ásta Helgadóttir, Member of Parliament for the Icelandic Pirate Party, whom are taking Iceland by storm!

No, this was Whitey’s last stand as the Emperor and the Suits ride off into their nuclear induced sunset. I am hopeful that when the real shit begins to kick off, I might be able to turn over a shopping cart in the parking lot of some Megabev type liquor outlet; raise my bottle and cheer Commander X’s ever present Starbucks coffee cup; and we might both watch the final seconds of the world as we know it tick off. For, you see, once the clock strikes midnight, the world itself will not end, oh no. It is merely a new beginning without the Suits. And that my friend will be worthy of yet another book penned by Commander X himself!

In closing, this is the prologue, if you will to a Series pertaining to Commander X’s book. We will dig deeply into the book itself; tie a couple podcasts into the mix; and publish the Interview I did with he. Commander X was kind enough to provide me an early PDF copy of his book. I suppose I could have simply written from that what I thought. I bought the ticket and took the ride as my hero, the late Hunter S Thompson would say. It is a kick ass book. I bought the hard copy of it and it arrived in a couple of days. The price was low, I felt, for the quality and workmanship involved. I am not just talking about the writing; the hard back book is a work of art! Sturdy, artful and a testament to what independent presses like Lulu puts out — Fuck Doubleday and the Suits printing presses anyway!

My best goes out to Commander X this holiday season! My best goes out to those whom thanklessly worked with him; helped he to enter into his political exile; and to those whom continue the fight day in and day out! Fuck the Suits; fuck the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS); and fuck Sabu!

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