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This entry is part 6 of 9 in the series Anonymous Roundup
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Commander X Speaks About The Vault 7 CIA Breach

This entry is part 6 of 9 in the series Anonymous Roundup

Foreclosurepedia recently spoke with @CommanderXanon – Commander X with respect to the Vault 7 CIA breaches which WikiLeaks has been releasing over the past several weeks. Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, and his team have published more than 8,761 documents that appear to be authentic and originating from CIA. The documents appear to be the first in a series of  disclosures that reveal the CIA’s hacking abilities.

“The series is the largest intelligence publication in history,” Wikileaks says. “This extraordinary collection, which amounts to more than several hundred million lines of code, gives its possessor the entire hacking capacity of the CIA. The archive appears to have been circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner, one of whom has provided WikiLeaks with portions of the archive.”

With Assange’s fate in the hands of the Ecuadorian electorate today, Foreclosurepedia decided to reach out to a person whom has always been at the forefront of Anonymous and has more recently began running his own shops and pushing forward with his writing career while on the run from the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and a half dozen other entities associated with the Five Eyes. The Ecuadorian election is critical for more reasons than simply whether or not Assange will continue living in asylum, in Ecuador’s London Embassy. Rafael Correa, the current Ecuadorian President, has long supported Assange and the political persecution against he. Guillermo Lasso, running for the Presidency, has made it clear he wants Assange gone. In fact, Lasso’s role in a victory, within the Ecuadorian political drama, is being closely watched by London and the rest of the Five Eyes, as he had this to say with respect to Assange’s continued presence in Ecuador’s London Embassy,

Lasso has said he will give Assange 30 days to leave but will also work with other governments to find him a new home. He has criticized the asylum arrangement as an unsustainable financial burden for Ecuador, but the Assange case hasn’t been a significant issue in the campaign.

Lenin Moreno, has said Assange would remain welcome, albeit with conditions. Ecuadorian President Correa has thrown the entire support of the leftist, Ecuadorian government, behind the 64 year old Moreno. Moreno, who was shot in a 1998 carjacking, would be the first candidate in a wheelchair to win a presidential race in Latin America. Assange’s legal team based, in part, out of Australia, had this to say about today’s election,

We are obviously very concerned that any candidate would threaten to undermine the protection that the Ecuadorian state has granted Julian,” said Jennifer Robinson, a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers who is a member of Assange’s UK legal team. “No government should play politics with the granting of asylum. It’s a legal protection provided for under international law, Ecuador has granted that protection, they have recognised him as a refugee, and now they have obligations to protect him whatever happens in the elections.

The Ecuadorian election is more than simply about Assange’s ability to remain in the London Embassy. With oil prices and exports tanking, Ecuador, along with Venezuela and Paraguay, are beginning to lean right. And as always, at the forefront of political drama and intrigue, Commander X is present. Commander X, aka Christopher Mark Doyon, has been a human rights and information activist for 35 years. Beginning with the fight to end apartheid in the 80’s when he helped to found the Peoples Liberation Front, and culminating with his deep involvement in the movement known as Anonymous — Commander X has spent over three decades fighting for a truly just and free world.

Commander X had this to say, recently, on his Blog, with respect to the recent dumps on WikiLeaks, with respect to the DNC email hacks and what Commander X has referred to as the Guccifer Effect. It is a great read if you really want to delve into the hacker psyche and the sheer stupidity in the belief that somehow Russia is a puppeteer of global proportions.

Some have tried to argue that these dumps could have been accomplished without the assistance of WikiLeaks. This is plain stupid. Yes, there are many disclosure platforms that have cropped up in WikiLeaks wake – but to have the sort of devastating political impact that these disclosures had requires the top shelf, not spin-offs. The expertise and sheer grace with which Julian navigated these bomb-shell disclosures once again affirms his utter genius in the realm of Information Activism.

Our Questions To Commander X With Respect To Vault 7

Foreclosurepedia:  I always thank you for your time Commander X.

Commander X:  No problem, sorry for the miscommunication and my delay in replying.

Foreclosurepedia:  Vault 7 needs no introduction so I am curious about an overall take on it.

Commander X:  My “take” is that it will feed the paranoia machine of Breitbart/Alex Jones/Fox – which is all Trump watches, thus pitting him directly against the CIA/NSA/FBI surveillance complex. This seems to me to be very positive.

Foreclosurepedia:  First, I am most curious about its revelation and how off guard, if at all, high level folks like yourself and others were taken by.

Commander X:  I didn’t find any of it terribly surprising actually. The techniques, tactics and targets described so far in the ongoing disclosure all comport with what we’ve known for years and what the Snowden leaks revealed. But less than 10% is released so who knows what else will be revealed.

Foreclosurepedia:  In this I mean it appears that the CIA breach was known about, internally, about a year ago.

Commander X:  The CIA has known for a year. WikiLeaks has had the Vault 7 material for a couple of years, and I was aware of the ex-filtration process and some of the material as early as 2012. I revealed this knowledge publicly in interviews with RT and the Montreal Gazette.

Foreclosurepedia:  As many within Anonymous still are working within #OpISIS and other Ops on the periphery of the cyber war against ISIS – Daesh, have those cells been able to scale up to counter the latest revelations?”

Commander X:  I am a vocal opponent of Anonymous Op ISIS, and I can not speak to what is going on with that front.

Foreclosurepedia:  With respect to Linux, how seriously compromised is the kernel, for want of better words.

Commander X:  It’s a decent compromise. It’s easily patched, but the Linux Foundation is notoriously slow about rolling out patches so I expect it could present problems going forward, at least for a year or two.

Foreclosurepedia:  How does Linux stack up to say Mac OS X and Windows? Could you talk a bit about this especially in light of the latest revelations?

Commander X:  I am not a big believer in one general OS being “more secure” than another. When you get into specialty OS like say TAILS then ok sure, But with these common OS they are all complex, not designed exclusively for security, and have about an equal chance of being hacked. They also are all easily set up to thwart that hacking if one is willing to do the work.

Foreclosurepedia:  Signal is reporting that they are still secure. Is there any reason to disbelieve this and do you have any other applications (phone, text and video) you might recommend?

Commander X:  When assessing secure apps like signal, and other more obscure communications solutions – one must first assess your personal threat level. Are your adversaries in industry?  The government or local police?  Are you a nobody and only worried about criminal hackers?  Are you facing Nation State adversaries?  The answer to that question informs the answer to yours.

Foreclosurepedia:  Will signal thwart a Five Eyes attempt at interception?  Probably not. But if you are a Black Lives Matter protester, will it keep the local pigs from intercepting your plans and strategies?  Sure. Security apps are more about the adversary you face, than any relative security on the part of the app itself.

Commander X:  Obviously I face the highest threat level conceivable, so the answer to what I use must be thus informed as well. And generally the more secure a program is, the more difficult it is to deploy – especially for average consumers. With that said — If you find yourself in an extremely hostile communications environment I recommend the TAILS operating system and it’s on-board apps. PGP and/or ProtonMail for E-Mail. For Instant Message I use Jabber WITH the OTR plugin. Finally, a GOOD and trusted anonymous VPN and TOR and full disk encryption of your OS is a must.

Foreclosurepedia:  I noted that much of the Vault 7 information also addressed the penetration of virus software. Is there any which is worthwhile now and what is the best way to sweep one’s phones and computers to detect and eradicate such?”

Commander X:  I actually can not speak to phones at all. I do not own one, and I do not allow anyone to bring one within 50 meters of me. So on phones my advice is this: remove your battery and sim card, walk to the nearest bridge or levee way with a large body of water, and toss it all in. Security guaranteed. 😉

I exclusively use MalwareBytes products to defend my machines. I won’t endorse any commercial product or tell you it’s good. But it’s what I trust personally.

Foreclosurepedia:  My question is do you believe that we are witnessing a Rogue Intelligence Community whom does not really care about Presidents as they are capable of placing whom they want?

Commander X:  Well, of course. But let’s be clear it’s been exactly this way since 1950.

Foreclosurepedia:  With that said, is there any risk or possibility that these types of tools could be used to obtain strategic information pertaining to valuations in the foreclosure industry?

Commander X:  By the government?  Not really. Could these tools or similar ones that are now out in the wild be used by hackers hired by your competition?  I guess it depends on how competitive your industry is and greedy your competitors are. They would also need deep pockets to hire a Black Hat.

Foreclosurepedia:  Less than 4% of all NAMFS Members are https compliant and virtually all of them utilize networks of remote, telecommuting personnel both domestically and internationally. These networks of remote contractors whom process data are not required to have any oversight with respect to OS updates or compartmentalization of their systems in a work vs social setting. Could these exploits in Vault 7 be used to compromise systems in an uphill manner?

Commander X:  Again, probably not by the government. For the rest I repeat the answer above.

Foreclosurepedia:  Foreclosurepedia understands that if there is a change in power in Ecuador that Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, may have issues remaining free. Has there been any discussion to protect the materials, to date, which have been released?

Commander X:  The question is to my mind moot. The election in Ecuador is passed and Julian appears safe for the foreseeable future. It is the general consensus that Julian will not be in the Embassy much longer. But yes, WikiLeaks has taken extreme measures to protect the legacy documents in it”s care. I think I’ll stop there, I decline to discuss specifically what those measures might be.

As the weeks and months roll out; as the Ecuadorian Embassy question with respect to Julian Assange plays out today with respect to the electoral results in Ecuador, I am sure that we will be speaking more and more with Commander X. I would also like to say that Commander X is working on a second book entitled, Dark Ops: An Anonymous Story. If it is anything like his first book, you are going to want to make sure you get a copy; grab a mug of your favorite beverage, and get a comfortable chair, as it will be a cover-to-cover reading marathon! It is due out this May.

We thank Commander X for his time and he and his the best this year! We encourage our readers to additionally read up on the Marty G travesty currently playing out here in the United States. It is a human atrocity with epic proportions. And in all things, if you need to get up to speed on the portions of Anonymous which we have covered in the past, you may thumb through our #OpISIS Series which was picked up in Foreign Policy, the digital publication of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), by ET Brooking, a defense analyst there.

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