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A Maalox Moment For Eric Miller And NAMFS

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has been licking their chops as the true sting of Foreclosurepedia’s #OpNAMFS has begun to take hold. Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, is the last paid employee of NAMFS. Liz Ziots recently left and I would wager that Miller’s salary of ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PLUS PER YEAR had something to do with that. That is not to mention the enormity of the high priced junkets which Miller went on, throughout the United States, year after year. And we haven’t even begun to speak about the thousands of dollars, per year, in raises Miller received even as NAMFS membership began to wane.

We are here today, though, to speak about the rampantly irresponsible behavior by Miller and the NAMFS Board with respect to disobeying federal law by refusing to provide their non profit tax returns. In addition to Miller, Al Freedman CEO of First Freedom Preservation and Matt Zildowski, NAMFS President, both newly minted this year, appear to continue to support Miller’s decision to not release the NAMFS non profit tax return. Both have been contacted and both continue to refuse to obey federal law.

Al Freedman is of particular interest in that he founded and owns a property preservation firm. One would think that issues of trust would be of concern to Freedman. Like most of the other NAMFS members we have profiled, though, it appears he couldn’t have a care in the world.

The jury is out on if or when NAMFS will ever obey federal law. In fact, many wonder — including myself — if NAMFS is even in existence anymore other than in Miller’s dining room. These are valid issues which Foreclosurepedia hopes to sort out on behalf of Labor.

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