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Carol Boyd Cleans Out Office And Relocates

Carol Boyd, of Boyd Property Preservation, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services, has gone the extra mile now and cleaned out her old office and set up a new shop at 691 North Varnell Road, Tunnel Hill, GA. This is a calculated move by a National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member to avoid payments to Contractors. Below is a letter delivered to Carol Boyd, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, by a fireman requesting his money which she has still refused to pay. It doesn’t get more cowardly than to defraud fireman the way I see it!

I want to follow up with you about getting paid for the four jobs I did for you. I realize that you had told me that you let most of your staff go because they were not turning jobs over to accounting so the vendors could get paid. It has been over a month since I sat at your conference table and went over all my work orders from August that you agreed I should get paid for. At this time I still have not seen payment.
Last week I received an e-mail from Scott, your new vendor manager stating that he did not have a W9 from me. I have already give Boyd Property Preservation two of these but I filled it out and attempted to deliver it in person. When I arrived at your Thornton Ave office I quickly realized you had locked the doors and cleaned out the office. I attempted to call but the phones were disconnected as well. I decided to reply to Scotts email to find you. He told me that you were now at 691 N. Varnell RD in Tunnel Hill, GA.  When I arrived to deliver my W9 to Scott, he advised you were not there but I now would have to talk to Jerry Leonard about getting paid for the work I have done. I left a message with my phone number for him to contact me but he never did. When did Jerry join BPP?  I thought he was in the insurance business and this was the first I had heard of him being involved.
After not getting a call back I went ahead and filed a claim with the BBB, notified the Dalton Chamber of Commerce and have talked with a Whitfield County Magistrate Judge about the next step I need to take to try to get paid.
The protection of Law, Eric Miller, is not a one way street. In the same way that your Membership plots and schemes in new and creative ways to defraud law abiding men and women; in the same way that your Bronze Contributor Carol Boyd fattened your belly and your obscene coffers with filthy lucre stolen from Disabled Veterans and Emergency Management Services Personnel, so shall Contractors begin to play by the same rules.
This is your making Eric Miller. Carol Boyd is one in a long string of heathen fraudsters manufactured from the loins of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. I am going to profile each and every one of your Members in the most negative of light that I can possibly spin from that which you have visited upon Contractors.
From ASONS and Chuck Sokol; Buczek to VRM and their wholesale sell out of Contractors which is going to bring in the Veterans Administration, I am going to go down the list. I am going to travel to these offenders businesses and document their criminal activities just like I did with the felons that Safeguard Properties hired whom defrauded innocent Christian women in Tennessee.
I am calling on Contractors to begin to boycott Carol Boyd and anything she touches. Posters of her face need to be hung on telephone poles documenting her crimes against humanity and her atrocities. That is called the First Amendment; Freedom of Speech. If you don’t want to pay your debts you need to be publicly withheld to the Community — even if you ultimately pay your bill — you need to be held accountable.
I am calling on anyone in the Dalton, Georgia, area to contact the Sumach Masonic Lodge #55 F & AM and the Dalton Shrine Club. I am deeply concerned that Jerry Leonard may be tempted to steal monies from Burn Victims in an attempt to cover up his actions as well.
The Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services have tried the collective patience of Contractors for far too long. Shell company after shell company spun up to defraud Contractors as their fellow Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services stand by laughing like in a Bacchian Orgy.
When bankers such as Holly Kinsey at Wells Fargo begin to inject themselves as a smoke screen, people like the Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation (FDIC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) become involved.
Without further adieu, here is our List going forward. We begin with ASONS and Buczek when I return from vacation next week.
110 Quality Inspections Company
Assurant Property Advantage
24HR Corp.
Atlas Field Services Inc.
3Point Lender Services, LLC
Bailey Inspection Service –
Clemens Associates
7E Specialties Inc.
Bailey Property Enterprises Inc.
A & D Property Services, Inc.
Baker Inspection Services
A City Suburban Service Inc.
A Cut Above Services
Barnes Notary & Field Services, Inc.
A E Brown Property Maintenance
A Little Off The Top Batchelor Field Service
A Town Properties BaXol Properties LLC
A&M Recovery Services Inc.
Bay Area Field Services, LLC
A2Z Field Services
BC Connect LLC
AAC Inspections Inc.
Beers Housing, Inc.
ABC Home Improvement
Beiting Property Preservation
ABC Mortgage Services
Berghorst Enterprises LLC
Access Information Systems
Bernat Services, Inc
Acclaimed Enterprises, Inc.
Bethel Property Services
ACT Environmental Better Construction, LLC
Advanced Property Preservations Inc.
Bishop Inspection Services, LLC
Aggate Construction Group, Inc
Bliss Contracting LLC
All American Inspections & Property Preservation
BLM Companies LLC
All Foreclosed Property Services
Blue Top Management LLC
All Over Property Preservation
Bluebook International
Bluewater Field Services, Inc.
ALL PRO Asset Solutions Inc.
BNM Enterprises
All Real Estate Service, LLC
Boyd Property Preservation LLC
Allied Field Service BroLaw Enterprises LLC
AllPhazze Hauling, Inc. Brookstone Mngt. dba Goody’s Prop Pres
Alpha Property Preservation Brunswick Companies
Altisource Mortgage Services
Amazon REO Solutions LLC
Buczek Enterprises, LLC
American Inspection Systems C & E RealEstate Management, LLC
American Mortgage Services C L Brown LLC
American Property Management C. Clawson Inspection Services
America’s InfoMart Inc. Cabal Inspection Services Inc.
AMI Property Services CAM Secure Services LLC
AOU Contracting, LLC Camara Home Improvement
Apex Construction Services, Inc Capital City Field Services
APS – Advanced Property Services Capital Investors LLC
ARC Preservation Carlson Field Services
ARM Property Maintenance Inc. Carolina Labor Solutions
ASAP Properties, Inc. Carolina Properties and Field Services Inc.
ASONS Property Preservation & Construction Services
Carrdan Corporation
Aspen Grove Solutions Carrington Home Solutions, L.P.
Asset Management Specialist Inc
CarTeCor Management LLC
Asset Resolution Group LLC CDM Services, LLC
Asset Services of Tennessee
Central Florida Property Management
Central Valley Mortgage Services
F&P Inc
F&S Property Preservation & Insp. LLC
Chutzpa Investigations
Faith Mortgage Field Services
Citiwide Construction Mgmt, Inc
Farelo Group
Cityscape Fast Cleaning Maint. & Services
Cityside Management Corp.
Field Asset Services Inc.
CK Field Services Field Connections, LLC
Claims Recovery Financial Services, LLC
Field Service Express Inc.
Classic Mortgage Services Inc.
Field Services of America, LLC
Clawson & Clawson Associates Inc.
Field Services of Colorado Inc.
Clean Reflections
Financial Inspection & Completion Services
Clover Home Services, Inc.
First Call Property Services LLC
C-ME Inspections & Services, LLC
First Choice Independent Mortgage Services
Coastal Mortgage Services Inc.
First Freedom Preservation
Cochrane & Co
First Preston Management Inc.
Colonial Property Group
Five Brothers Mortgage Services Inc.
Complete Preservation & Restoration LLC FLCC
Complete Property Restoration & Winterizing, LLC
Florida Asset Rehab
CoreLogic Field Services
Fontaine Inspections and Property Preservation Inc.
Cornelius & Cornelius, Inc.
Foothills Construction & Restoration Inc.
Cramer & Associates Foreclosure Cleanup Services, LLC
Creditsouth Financial Services Foreclosure Field Services, Inc.
Cross Island Field Services
Cyprexx Services LLC
Four Seasons Property Care
D & T Property Management
Freedom Enterprise Services LLC
DACA Field Services Inc.
Freedom Property Inspections
Default Services, Inc
Garden State Property Services Inc.
Delmarva Preservation
Gary’s Field Inspection Service
Denver Area Mortgage Field Service Inc.
Gateway Property Solutions
Diamond Home Services Inc.
General Maintenance
Dirigo Property Services, LLC
Generations Mortgage Field Service Inc.
Donovan Contracting, Inc.
George Cannon Improvements & Repairs
Door and Window Guard System (DAWGS)
George Thomas Services LLC
DPG Home Inspection & Consulting Inc.
Gibson & Assoc. Professional Claims Mgmt. Inc.
Dunagan Inspection Services, Inc
Global Business Partners Inc.
East Coast Property Services, LLC
Global Property Services Inc.
East Coast REO Gomes Holdings LLC
East Point Systems, Inc.
Good Choice Preservation
Edgemark Solutions, LLC
Granite Creek Cabinetry
Effa, Incorporated
Greater Pocono Homepro Inc.
Elite Properties and Landscape Contr.
Greco International Corp Association Inc.
Green Bullet Enterprises
Equitable Property LLC
Gryphon Group LLC
Ericks Inspection Service, Inc.
Guardian Asset Management
Eviction Services Inc.
Guardmen Properties, Inc.
Extreme Property Solutions Haas Field Services
EZinspections Halo Restoration Inc.
Hawaii Field Services LLC
JSM Enterprises
JVS Construction Group, Inc.
Hawkins Research – Powerclaim
K&K Property Preservation
hEYE Quality Service Group, LLC
Higgins and Lovett Field Services
Katmar Field Services LLC
High Level Cleaning Services Inc.
Kaw Valley Field Services LLC
Hill & Hill Enterprises Inc. KDK Inc.
Holly Serpas, Inc.
Kentuckiana Maint. Assoc.
Homeland Field Services
Key Asset Solutions Inc
HomeStar Property Solutions LLC
Killette Nelms Service Inc.
Homestead Field Services
KJ Field Services Inc.
Horak Enterprises, Ltd.
KRA Field Services. LLC
Imagine Service Group Inc.
Landmark Contractor Services
Impasto Services,Inc.
Landmark Field Services
Imperial Property Services, Inc.
Laudan Properties, LLC
Independent Securing Services Inc.
Leonard Insurance Services
Infinity Property Inspections
LMH Enterprises
Inner City
Lone Star Field Services
Inner City Builders LLC
Lost Pond Construction Inc.
Innotion Enterprises, Inc.
LPS Field Services Inc.
Innovative Inspections
Luis Ferrer Inc.
Inspection Center Inc.
M & M Mortgage Services Inc.
Inspections & Preservation LLC
M & O Services, Inc.
Inspections 4 Real Estate, LLC
M Property Group, Inc.
Inspect-IT Verification Services, LLC
M&M’s Recovery Services, LLC
Inspectorade Madrissa Group dba Cal State Inspections
Insurance-Tek Maintain It Now
Integrated Mortgage Solutions
Integrity Field Services Inc.
Maxim Enterprise Inc.
Integrity Plus Clean Up
MB Field Services
Interstate Services of America Inc.
MB Property Inspection Services
Intra-State Mortgage Services
McCall Appraisers & Assoc.
Intriguing Investments
McCall Field Services
Iowa Mortgage Service
Mckenney Field Services
Ironclad Preservation, Inc.
Metro Nationwide Field Services Inc.
ISN, Corporation
MFS Supply LLC
J T Stewart Enterprises, Inc.
Mid Atlantic Field Services, INC
J&R Environmental, Inc.
Midwest Metro
JA Mortgage Services
Miles Preservation
Miles Property Preservation, LLC
JD Wicks Co.
Jefco Properties
MMC Contracting Services, Inc.
Jeff Chambers REO and Preservation Services
Mobile Business Concepts
Jeff Little Property Management
Monster Mowers
JGM Property Group
Morrison Inspection Services, LLC
JKM Mortgage Field Services
Mortgage Contracting Services
John B. Lucivero & Associates
MovinOn Property Services
Mr. Cleans Property Preservation
Platinum Touch Industries LLC
MSI Plunkett Enterprises Inc.
Mueller Mortgage Field Services
Pool Guard
Myo Construction
Potochnick Property Services
N & C Services Powhatan Information & Default Services, LLC
NAMFS PP Materials
Nance Inspections Precision Field Services
National Asset Protection Agency Precision Property Management
National Field Network Preservation Of Property Services, Inc.
National Field Reps
Primestar Field Services
National Field Services Priority Field Service, Inc.
National Inspections & Property Preservation
Priority Field Services, Inc. – NV
National Mortgage Field Services
Professional Cleanout Services Inc.
National Real Estate Field Services Inc. Prologiq Business Services LLP
NB Services Property Guardian Services Inc.
Neal’s Improvements Property Inspection Service
NetDirector Property Inspections USA, LLC
New South Mortgage Service Corporation Property Logic
NexVex Inc.
Property Maintenance, Inc.
No Pressure Environmental Solutions, Inc
Property Pres Wizard
Noble Mortgage Field Services
Property Preservatioin of Tennessee, Inc
North Georgia Field Services
Property Preservation Resources
Northland Property Service Property Preservation Specialist Inc.
Northsight Management
ProServe, LLC
NuSet Lock Prosper Industries, Inc.
NVMS Inc. Pruvan
NY Field Services Puerto Rico Home Inspectors
OnSite Solutions Inc. PWM Construction Inc.
On-Time Services Inc. Pyramid Services
Opportunities For Life, Inc
Optimal Maintenance, LLC
Qualified Mortgage Services Inc.
P & L Inspections Inc.
Quality First Inspection Services, Inc.
P Bar Property Preservation
Quest Home Preservation
P&L Property Preservation Inc
R & N Cleaning Supplies And Service
P.K. Management Group, Inc.
Ready Property Preservation
Pacific Field Service Inc.
Real Estate Inspection & Recovery
Palmetto Asset Management
Pat Neff & Associates LLC
Reclaimed FS LLC
Patriot Asset Management LLC
Red R Services
Paul Rippner Regis Development Inc.
PCI-WEST Rehab Specialist
Pennington Preservation LLC
Reliable Real Estate Property Services
PerWess Mortgage Services
Reliable Services llc
Perwess, LLC Reliance Field Services
Phoenix Preservation Group Reliant Construction Inc. Inc.
REO Allegiance Inc.
Piramide Real Estate
REO Professional Services
REO Property Advisors Inc. S
tingrae Property Securing Inc.
REO Servicing Ltd
Stoneoak Contractor & Inspections Services Inc Strange Enterprises Inc.
Residential Maintenance & Restoration, Inc.
Sundance Field Services
Richard’s Cleaning Service & Property Preservation LLC
Superior Asset Solutions Inc.
Rich-Co Property Services
Superior Mortgage Services 
Rimes Property Mangement Inc
Sure Foundation Field Services
Rising Sun Outdoor Services, LLC
Sweigart & Associates Inc
Rocco’s Landscaping & Property Preservation LLC
Swenson Construction
Roper Lock Box LLC
Syntek Construction
Rowe Enterprises Inc.
T&K Property Services, Inc.
RR Donnelley Global Real Estate Services
T.E.G. Inc.
RSB Field Services
Team Hale
S & T Mortgage Services
Tech Buff, Inc.
Safe Harbor Field Services, Inc.
Techspeed Inc.
Safeguard Properties Inc.
Texoma Territories, LLC
Schnabel Inc The Master’s Builder, Inc
Scott Thon Services
The Real Estate Solution Group, Inc.
Secure Clean Up Services
The SarLow Group
Secure Field Asset Services The Structure Group Field Services
Secure Solutions LLC The Trainque Group, LLC
SecureView TI Services, LLC
Timber Ridge Property Management LLC
Show Me Property Service
TLC Preservation Services LLC
Sierra Field Services Inc.
TNT Inspections & Contracting LLC
Sigma Services Inc.
T-N-T Property Preservation, LLC
Single Source
Training Total Lender Services LLC
Sizzlin Enterprises/Genesis Service Group
Total Real Estate Services Inc.
SNG, Inc. Tracking Pro Services
SNH Field Services Inc.
Trademark Property Solutions, Inc.
SoCal Inspectors, Inc.
Tradestar Properties Inc.
Solution Source Inc
Trans South Securing Company Inc.
South Central Valley Mortgage Services Inc.
Trashout Service, Inc.
South Florida Field Services
Trax Financial LLC
South Florida Securing, Inc.
Tri-State Property Services
South Pacific Inspection Inc.
TruAssets, LLC
Southeastern Asset Services LLC
Two Thumbs Up
Southern Customs of LA, Inc.
Ultra Corp
Southern Solutions of NC, LLC
Union Jack Services Inc.
Spaulding Decon
Universal Mortgage Field Services, LLC
Spectrum Field Services Inc.
Unlimited Asset Management Group LLC
Spectrum Field Services, Inc.
Upcon Property Services Inc.
SR Maintenance & Mgmt. Services Inc.
Upland Chase
SRMS Management, LLC
US Best Repair Services, Inc.
Star Floors, Inc US Hardware Supply
Sterling Field Services Inc.
Vendor Resource Managment, Inc.
Steve Salimbas Versitex REO LLC
Viper Preservation Services
Wagner’s Property Management Inc
Walker Field Services
Watkins Pierce Contracting, Inc
Weathervane Contracting. LLC
Web-Fair Inc.
West Coast Poperty Preservation
Western Property Maintenance LLC
Wheeler Sales and Services
William Hall Inspections and Preservation
Wilmot Field Services
Window Rock
Wolverine Real Estate Services
Worksite Benefits, Inc.
Xactware Solutions, Inc.
Xtreme Clean LLC
Xtreme Field Services LLC
York Jersey Underwriters
Young Property Management LLC
Zatural Realty Services
Zen Asia Group, LLC
ZVN Properties Inc.

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