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Business As Usual At HUD With The HUD M&M 3.8 Awards

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), no stranger to fraud and corruption; under new Management with Secretary Julián Castro, wasted no time in telegraphing that HUD was created specifically for Innotion Enterprises and would never be used as a legitimate tool within the Marketing and Management (M&M) Landscape. With that said, I want to mention the first two firms I consider to be legitimate and I am supportive of first.

PK Management (PKMG) has had their fair share of publicity on Foreclosurepedia over the years both good and bad. The reality is that ever since the absorption of the HUD M&M 3.6, PKMG has stayed the course and I have no issues with them. In full disclosure, I worked for PKMG for several months under the HUD M&M 3.6 here in Tennessee. My experience was good; my experience was surprising in that there was no preferential treatment, the people I interacted with simply had their shit together which made it a pleasure and fairly profitable.

Cityside is another Firm I worked with and am stating such in full disclosure. I worked with them during the HUD M&M 3.0 days in Tennessee as well as in Virginia and Kentucky — East Tennessee is a unique area in that we are centrally located to 4 states and covered 18,000 square miles, by ourselves, at one time. I never had any issues with Cityside and was actually responsible for the placement of several of their staff with other Firms after Cityside shut down their Charlotte operations under the HUD M&M 3.0 side.

So, the Awards, in and of themselves, are a dichotomy. Half are fairly legit and the other half aren’t worth the paper they are written upon. Part of the problem is that HUD was pushed up against a deadline. That deadline dealt with the end of the fiscal year. You see, government agencies are much like the military when it comes to budgets. Whatever money you have remaining in your budget at the end of the year is actually deducted from the next year’s budget — no incentive to save or do well. The other part, in my opinion, deals with whom holds sway on K Street and is best able to skirt the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).



4D — BLM

5D — BLM


3P — BLM



Liberty, for all intents and purposes, is a front for Michaelson, Connor & Boul (MCB); scratch the talc enough and the reality comes shining through, in my opinion. No point in dwelling on Liberty and I am not even going to take the time to hyperlink them. Anyone with common sense will file on that issue for the purposes of Protest. More on point, though, Eduardo San Roman bought his sack of shit; 24 Asset Management and Assero as predicted, got the best in what Lee Mertins and his very, VERY close friend Brian Nesbit give — a royal fucking! While San Roman thought he had the bull by the horns, he bought into a story of complete bullshit spun, in part, from Greg Harrison’s double wide trailer in Texas. I mean here is the reality: Ernie was a decent guy. Lee Mertins & Co. spun the books and make no mistake whatsoever I know ALL THE NAMES on the P260 fiasco. To be clear, San Roman should have swallowed his pride and reached out, but taking the same counsel which has already Deep Sixed his hopes and dreams, San Roman is up shit creek and Mertins & Co. have bailed with the only paddle.

San Pedro is really the story on the Award here. I mean all the back slapping and that bottle of Dom did nothing buy raise the ire of the wifey from what I can tell. You see, you cannot just hire the scum from one company and repackage it in hopes that HUD will turn a blind eye and FUCKING CALL IT TIME IN RANK FOR BIDDING ON A HUD CONTRACT! Never fear, either, as it does not end there. Carolyn Reeves is going to get payback for the Visneta boosting of the AMS Forms. No, now that everyone knows that 24 Asset Management has no juice; now that everyone knows that Mertins & Co. are two bit snake oil sellers, San Roman would do best to obtain some intel and guidance before it goes very sour down in South Beach. I hear ISTAR Clear Base is a good place to start — lo siento mucho! All bullshit aside, pick up the phone and call me Eddie.

BLMREO. I had a recent encounter with BLMREO President Brent Martin a couple weeks ago. The product of the conversation is neither here nor there, what is material is my encounter with them during the Mike Murphy and Dale Benge days — go through some of Foreclosurepedia’s Archives and cross reference those names over on the ISTAR Clear Base. If their training is still the same as it was during their Innotion days, people are going to die! This is not opinion. This is a fact that 10 Contractors will testify to in a Court of Law whom attended their Training here in Knoxville back in August – September of 2012.

10 of us showed up, including my girlfriend, for a BLMREO Training Event on a HUD property in Knoxville. So, this clown of an instructor had told one of the guys coming up from North Carolina to bring some 10/2 wire up from Lowes and a generator. As we head down to the basement, he has this guy rig the wire to alligator clips connected to the generator. The instructor then proceeds to take off the fuse panel cover and connects the other end of the bare wire to the 50AMP breaker! I bullshit you not! I got up and walked outside and stated I would be no part to murder. That story is WELL KNOWN and WELL DOCUMENTED as I sent letters to Benge and HUD M&M Director Craig Karnes. They aborted the charging and the instructor mumbled about they didn’t do this out west anyway. Regardless of the argument of whether charging is legal or illegal, there is a safe way and a dangerous way to do it. Then, there is the BLMREO way which would have ended up, quite possibly, with 10 Contractors dead, a burned down HUD property and potentially dozens of dead men, women and children.

From BLMREO:  I just want to start off by welcoming you to BLM REO. Thanks for providing a superior service for us.  I have included in this email all the information you will need to move forward with our company. Please save this email for  your records so you can refer back for answers to your common questions.

Here is some key points and definitions that will help you understand HUD work.

–        HUD Work Key points and Definitions

Innotion Work

HPIR – $125. (HPIR, winterization during season)


–        Innotion HPIR Work Order Descriptions

–        Manual HPIR Form  – This is if you do not have a computer to take with you and fill out from site. This information need gathered and documented from site.

–        HUD Property Inspection Report -PDF to be filled out on computer and saved (attached)

–        Innotion Sign in sheet

–        Innotion No Trespassing Sign- Front Window

–        Systems Testing- Complete at your own Risk and LiabilityI FUCKING LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!


For this work you will be completing we will need at least 150 photos documenting the complete property inside and out. This is the initial inspection of this property and needs superior documentation of all areas of this property along with a complete systems test. All photos should include correct Date and Time Stamp on each photo. Also HUD Property Inspection Report to be filled out on site and uploaded into the PPW system along with the photos.

Initial Services– $375.  (initial clean out, trash out, initial landscape)

–        Innotion Initial Services work order Description

For this work you will be completing we will need at least 150 of the before, during (action), after the work has been completed, we usually see around 300 photos from our contractors.  Documentation should include complete interior and exterior or the property to provide to our client. Documentation should include complete interior and exterior of the property to provide to our client. All photos should include correct Date and Time Stamp on each photo. These photos must be uploaded into the initial service work order created for these properties in the PPW system. Each one of these “Initial service work orders” include the Initial Clean out, Initial Landscape and Trash out.

FSM Inspection – $20.

Grass Cut- $30.

For this work you will be completing we will need at least 75 photos of the before of the complete interior and exterior, during (action), and after photos of the work completed along with after photos of the landscape no matter how much work was completed. With us you can never have too many photos, This will help eliminate any questions, Documentation should include complete interior and exterior or the property to provide to our client. All photos should include correct Date and Time Stamp on each photo. These need to be completed 2 days prior to due date and uploaded right after completion. The Routine inspection form must be filled out on site and uploaded to PPW and P260 systems along with photos.

Key codes: 44535, 67767, 76667, 35241 Padlock: A389.  These are actual key codes not lock box codes your company will need these to access each property as we do not get informed as to what key code each property will be before we get there.

Startup & Billing!

I will need you to send me your contact information along with business address so we can get you set up in our work order system so you can see your current work orders and get them taken care of and uploaded. We will be setting you up in our work order system(s) that the both of us will utilize to manage work orders, communication, photos and documents. The PPW work order system has a monthly fee of $25. And will be automatically deducted from your monthly invoice. By replying to this email with this information you are stating that the pricing above is agreed to and that all Documents will be utilized and adhered to by your company while completing work orders for BLM Property Services.

Please send Angela Taylor (her info below) the following information.

I have attached a W-9 and am attaching a Direct Deposit Authorization (optional) for your completion.

 Please return these to me at your earliest convenience. I will also need a copy of proof of insurance and business license. I have also attached an invoice example; you can either use this one as your template or create your own format containing the same information (use any colors you’d like, or none at all if that’s your preference).

All the links were to  which is gone now just like the whole company should be.


The main requirements are to put your company information at the top of the invoice, properties need to be listed innumerical order by case number, I need the house/unit number and street address (do not include city/state/zip) and your inspection/work completed date (not the date the property was assigned or uploaded into the system). I also prefer that one line item combine both the FSM and GC, rather than one line for FSM and the next being the GC for the same property; but if it’s best for your tracking purposes to separate them out that is fine. Please also note the way the jobs are separated into different sections; your add/on and bid work must be separate from the regular services.

Please submit your invoice no later the 4rd of the each month (or the following business day if the 4rd falls on a weekend or holiday). We receive our HUD report between the 5th and 10th of the month. Our goal is to get invoices paid by the 15th of each month, i.e. mailed or direct deposit submitted, and to you by the 20th. But please remember that this is only a goal and not a promise to pay by that date, as there are various factors that might occur and delay the process. Therefore, it is in your best interest not to make plans to use the funds until you know for sure when you will be paid. Please take into account mailing time or direct deposit’s (DD) 2-business-day processing time (i.e. DD submitted on Monday will be deposited Wednesday, DD submitted Thursday will be deposited the following Monday, bank holidays excluded). If you enroll in direct deposit you will receive an email notifying you when the DD will take place.


Feel free to email me with any questions you may have; email is the best way to contact me. I am always here to help.

BLM Point of contact-   

Acquisitions & Work order manager

Dale Benge


Field Advisor/Operations Advisor

Sam Adamson 801-835-0072

Billing & Company administrator

Angela Taylor 801-839-6562

FSM/Grass cut  Coordinator

Andrew Hench 435-229-5928

I published all of this to document that ISTAR Clear Base has been maintaining records on Contractors, Companies and their Employees for years now. The big concern folks ought to have with respect to BLMREO is the HUD issue. I mean I am at a loss of precisely how it is that you can take a company which is doing a SHITLOAD of Pre Conveyance properties and ARE NOT going to get rid of those and then have them begin to work upon HUD – Post Conveyance Properties! See, I am just at a loss there. It would appear that whomever has the ear of Craig Karnes, the HUD M&M Director, gets to take a pass on regulatory compliance. Oh, that’s right! In the same way I was wrong about the DISGRACED, FORMER National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst committing the atrocities she committed; in the same way I was wrong about the atrocities committed by Buczek Enterprises; in the same way I was wrong about the atrocities committed by Carol Boyd and still ongoing —you get the point. I am sure, though, that the illegally appointed NAMFS Regime Board Member and co owner of Keystone Property Services, Joe Hummel, will have a huge speech for us tomorrow. That reminds me: I need to get those emails published he sent out so that everyone is aware of whom knows what — I’ll get a copy of the email and email addresses out first thing in the am.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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