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Former NAMFS Secretary Sued For Fraud, Embezzlement And Larceny

The Disgraced and Former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary, Heather Berghorst, was served with litigation in Federal Court alleging amongst other things: Fraud, Embezzlement and Larceny. Every since Foreclosurepedia began exposing the fraud and corruption it documented and supplied to Berghorst Enterprises principal money provider, Altisource; every since Altisource pulled all of Berghorst Enterprises Work Orders and then began sending new Work Orders to a non existent Company Heather Berghorst operated known as Heritage Home Solutions, Offender Members of the NAMFS Regime have attacked Foreclosurepedia for exposing the truth. In fact, Heather Berghorst herself attempted to use the judiciary in an attempt to sue Foreclosurepedia into silence while Altisource stood by silently and continued to supply work and money to Heather Berghorst.

Berghorst, now on her SECOND BANKRUPTCY, has received both special treatment and protection from the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors as exhibited by the Board refusing to bring her up on Ethics Charges. Time and again, the NAMFS Regime have protected their own while allowing Boots on the Ground; while allowing Labor, to pay the price. Even while the NAMFS Regime Offender Members condemned Foreclosurepedia, we demonstrated that we are a Friend of Labor and have stood solidly. As the Drive By Social Media Pundits on Facebook have lashed out, time and again, we stood with the men and women whom have had these atrocities committed against them.


Jamie Ulrich d/b/a JTK Restoraion and JTK Restoration LLC have sued Heather and Doug Berghorst. Berghorst Enterprises is still listed as a Member in Good Standing along with the other now defunct fraudsters Buczek Enterprises, also another benefactor of the Altisource fundingupon the NAMFS Regime Offender Member List. To date, even after countless emails to Robert Bridges, Altisource Associate General Counsel and numerous promises, nothing has been done — unless you consider destroyed lives as something to count. In fairness to Bridges, at least he fielded Foreclosurepedia’s Complaints — many at his same level would have turned a blind eye. Bridges is a testament to at least something positive at Altisource. Truth be known, though, Pennsylvania is becoming another Michigan in the making and still Bridges and Altisource refuse to address issues; still Altisource refuses to allow Contractors whom have been vetted by the ISTAR Clear Base, to become Prime Vendors. Is it because these honest men and women refuse to give kickbacks? I don’t know, but that wouldn’t surprise me; I don’t know as neither Bridges nor Altisource will respond to the countless emails I have sent.


Folks, it is bad; it is real goddamn bad. And just out of curiosity, where is Joe Hummel? You all remember Joe, the co owner of Keystone Property Services and whom was illegally appointed to the NAMFS Regime Board. My opinion? Standing right there, in line, with his hand out to maintain the status quo; the Business As Usual. Otherwise, Hummel would have gone public about this by now. No, Joey is no different than the rest of the sordid lot other than he and Keystone Property Services along with their spin master Kim Fatica will have a much harder fall than the rest at the NAMFS Regime.

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