Background Checks: How About India?

I get a real laugh when I hear about how the Nationals want background checks on everyone.  It’s a hell of a racket when you look at outfits like PK Management getting $25 a whack for these.  The reality is that the real people; the felons whom we brought to light a couple of months ago, are not being background checked.  With that said, we are just talking about the background checking of some boots-on-the-ground.  What about all the folks over in India where the Nationals have been sending the personally identifiable information of United States Citizens for years?

Ah, you didn’t know about that did you?  On a scale which boggles the mind, the common Industry practice has been to outsource the processing of the photos, files Broker Price Opinions (BPO) and a plethora of other information to India.  Here is a typical Harvester as I call them.  My question to the Industry and really the US Government should be asking this question:  Are the employees of these Indian Harvesting Mills being background checked?  It is a legitimate one.  Let’s not bullshit around.  India doesn’t exactly have the best track record in human rights either.  This brings into play the McNamara -O’Hara Act and a half dozen other laws.  Do you, for a moment, believe that minimum wage and overtime, let alone prevailing wage, are complaint in these Harvesting Mills?

At the end of the day, this scheme which has been cooking in the pressure cooker for years is going to be unveiled.  I have some transcripts I am translating now.  Stay tuned as apparently they didn’t teach the low level employees in India about confidentiality!


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