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Changing of the Guard: Outside Looking In

Gotta love Springtime!  Kim Jong Un is out and about threatening the United States, Safeguard Properties is in high gear doing what they have always done, and the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) is doing what the Industry dreaded, organizing.  Odd, I suppose, that I would critique an organization I envisioned.  Most people would say it doesn’t make sense at all!  I believe it does, though.  Any organization which does not have the ability to transparently review itself is doomed to failure.

The biggest obstacle that I see to organizing within the Contractor base of the Property Preservation Industry (PPI) is the ability of Contractors to maintain Confidentiality.  Confidentiality is only part of the equation, though.  Large institutions also need to know that organizations are able to stay the course.  The looming issue, more on point, is Plotting the Course.  Navigation is critical in these uncertain times and the ability to trust is key.

My concept of the NPPG was an idea I had dabbled with in boot camp of all places.  We had a member of our squad that just “couldn’t get it together.”  Everyone was 4.0 except him.  So, a future Legalman (that is a rate in the US Navy as we do not have a MOS) suggested we put together a Petition and submit it to the Senior Chief.  Let me tell you what a bad idea that was.  “The US Navy  is not a f*cking democracy!” is what he bellowed as our whole squad did push ups!  I learned early on that you follow orders because they save lives.  Part of those orders, though, include input from those within your Unit.  That input is reviewed and if applicable implemented.  I am a hard liner.  There is no grey area in my world.  Many find that both offensive and problematic.  I apologize to those whom felt my rigidity was unpalatable.  I never have been nor ever will be Politically Correct (PC).  That is why I have chosen to step down from the Guild.  The easiest way I can describe PC is when someone asks you, “How are you doing today,” they do not really care.  It is a social edict that everyone abides by.  I tell people truly how I am doing.  The reality is that I really do not care how they are doing.  They are not paying my bills or rocking my kid to sleep at 0308EST from acute otits media.  Same with my Clients.  They respect this because they know the extra ten minutes of doing the PC dance is time they or I could be working.  It is what it is.

The average Contractor is not a diplomat, strategist or intelligence analyst.  Probably less than ten percent (10%) of today’s Contractors have ever played in the Big Leagues.  Less than one percent (01%) of those have ever had Corporate experience.  That said, it creates an enormous obstacle for being taken seriously by the PPI as an organizational entity.  The deeper and more underlying concern to organizing is the lack of technological skill sets by Contractors.  For the Guild to survive it must turn its attention to the seemingly impossible task of establishing an Intelligence Division, establishing Industry Sources and compiling complete and concise database dossiers which are both secure and compartmentalized.

For the first time in the history of the Earth, human beings have freely, willingly and with overt intention made publicly available voluminous amounts of information about themselves, their friends and ultimately their belief systems.  For the Intelligence Community, be it business or governmental, this is manna from G-d!

So, where does this leave the Guild?  In a good position I believe.  Even though I have stepped back from the Guild I believe that the core group of Contractors whom will comprise the Council are able to bring in their A Game.  I run a Consortium in East Tennessee and a good portion of the Intelligence I bring in the Guild will have access to.  In as much as I will communicate, with respect to the Guild, I am confident that a National Council will be empowered by this weekend.  This, in and of itself, is a monumental achievement.  When they see fit they will communicate the results of their elections and I will publish them here.  For those curious I am informed that there is a cross section of male and female; caucasion and minority and the geographic coverage stretches from New York to Hawaii.  While I am not privy to the underlying agendas I would presume that one of the largest tasks set before them is the drafting of Position Papers.

One of the biggest misunderstandings is that Foreclosurepedia is the NPPG.  Foreclosurepedia, the Blog, is a media outlet which is separate from Foreclosurepedia the Company.  Neither the Blog nor Company are the NPPG.  It should always be kept in mind that while the Blog and NPPG may, from time-to-time, have mutually identifiable goals, neither is beholden to the other.  The Guild concerns itself with the organization of Contractors and the legislative landscape surrounding them.  The Blog concerns itself with reporting on the PPI as a whole and providing information from its Sources to the public-at-large.

Word on the streets is that several Investment firms have been making inquiries as to the format which the Guild will make its Contractors available for Contracting.  The Guild should soon have a Public Affairs Officer (PAO) whom will be able to take that on.  It strikes me as a natural extension in the ground swell of change rapidly closing in that Investment firms along with financial interests would see the logic in getting the eighty to ninety cents on the dollar to the actual job they are paying for as opposed to the current and paltry twenty to twenty five cents on every dollar.  The Council, I am sure, will realize the importance of reaching out to the PPI and creating their back channel opportunities.  The Cards lie in their Hands.  The reality is that Klein and the other Nationals are only as powerful as the labor force whom serve them.  You may have a Billion dollars of work orders in your server, but if you cannot put boots on the ground they are meaningless and will eventually begin to be back billed.

I will reach out to the National Council in the coming days and hopefully schedule an Interview with a few of the Council Members and report both here and on the Foreclosurepedia Radio Network Podcast when we have them.  At the end of the day I support the Contractors organizing.  Now is not the time to take the Eye off the Ball.  In the meantime we should all commend the men and women of the NPPG for getting underway and wish them the best in what is shaping up to be both an uphill battle and a daunting task — reform!



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