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Safeguard Properties: Tracking Contractors Like Criminals

For quite sometime Safeguard Properties has been working on putting together a mobile field application for GPS Tagging.  My opinion is that without seeing the Source Code who knows precisely what data this app is harvesting.  The Inspector side of Safeguard has been somewhat field testing this app whipped up by some script kiddie with mixed results.  Today, though, at 1536 CST, Al Jaffa, CEO of Safeguard Properties, decided to roll out the new and latest demands that the lawn and maintenance crews will begin to be required to run it on their phones!  To me this is no different than how criminals are tracked with ankle bracelets!

In the near future, vendors will see targeted rollouts of our newly enhanced, market-leading mobile applications. These will provide additional controls to assure that vendors are at the right location performing all work that is required and fully documenting property conditions. The functionality in these tools will be extremely helpful to reduce reopened orders, help mitigate billing disputes and improve the efficiency of your routes. The first phase of the mobile rollout has been to convert our inspector network. Simple grass and monthly marketability orders in maintenance will be next. We anticipate rapid adoption of the mobile tools as vendors see the value, and we look forward to your feedback. 

He didn’t stop there, though.  He went further.  Now, they want everything and I mean everything you have pertaining to yourself and your crews in the way of personally identifiable information!

We also want to let you know that we are finalizing new requirements to assure our clients that appropriate background and work eligibility checks are being conducted for individuals performing services at their properties. Currently, Safeguard conducts background checks of its employees and the principals of its vendors. We also require vendors to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, including those related to work eligibility and criminality. In the near future, we will introduce requirements for vendors to report this type of information at a work order level, as well as our audit approach to confirm that appropriate checks have been completed for all individuals completing a Safeguard order, including employees, as well as any sub-contractors and their employees who perform services on your behalf.

Let me address the former quote first.  Al, here’s a newsflash:  Where in the Contract does it give Safeguard unilateral ability to force the embedding of computerized scripting capabilities on Contractor’s phones?  Did Al get a placement on the FCC by their good buddy Portman that I missed?  First, do Contractor’s have a right to view the Source Code?  What, no?  Proprietary?!  Yeah, that’ll be the answer.  Next, because I am sure Al is deeply concerned about damages, does Safeguard agree to pay for any damages; perceived or otherwise, which may occur as a direct result of its use?  How about bandwidth?  Are you paying for the air time Al?  Hmnn, nice try Al.  Any two bit Contractor with a lick of common sense is gonna take a pass.  That’s a good try, though.  Precision, huh?!  This isn’t the FBI Al.  Contractors are not on parole!

Now, as to the background checks.  If you ask for social security numbers what are your plans to make sure that the information is protected?  First, G-d forbid you are ignorant enough to allow others collect on your behalf, you are liable if they go South.  Your lawyers know that and now so do the Contractors.  This isn’t Nazi Germany!  You are a private corporation.  You do business with Contractors.  The EIN/TIN is legal, the social security number isn’t in my opinion.  Whatcha gonna do Al when the Regional dummy corporation flies South like PPMS did with 5,000 SSNs?  You going to foot the credit repair bill Al?  I actually know precisely the genesis of the new requirements and they damn sure didn’t roll out like this!

The curtain call, though, is I am getting reports of direct solicitation of Contractor’s subs!  Folks, I have always made it a point to make sure I stressed that Contracts are items to be read and annotated!

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