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Aspen Grove Marches On Work Orders

Underscoring the accuracy of the predictions which Foreclosurepedia makes, Aspen Grove Solutions today announced a partnership agreement with Pruvan Inc. out of Round Rock, TX. To date, Aspen Grove Solutions has been recalcitrant in the production of publicly available statistics which justify whether or not their product is both secure and effective. In this I mean Aspen Grove Solutions has produced absolutely zero documentation with respect to precisely how many Contractors and Employees they have performed background checks upon and what subset of that data comprises those whom were barred from working within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Now, just like Foreclosurepedia predicted last year, Aspen Grove Solutions is gunning for command and control over the work orders and photo documentation via its rubber stamp of approval.

Aspen Grove Solutions and Pruvan Inc. have teamed up to bring Aspen Grove Solutions unique and innovative proof of service mobile capability to the property preservation and inspections industry using Pruvan's mobile application thus providing increased productivity and operational efficiency for existing and new users of the Pruvan app.

Through a technology integration partnership with Aspen iRecord™, a vendor can now prove to their work provider a compliance with the industry standardized background check at point of service with the touch of a button through the Pruvan app. This is the first in a series of third party app integrations which are planned to be rolled out in the coming weeks and which aim to improve efficiencies of sign-in for users of various property preservation apps.

Partnerships, like those above, are occurring in an unregulated marketplace. The dangers to Consumers, Contractors and Employees included, underscore the potential possibility of Dodd - Frank Violations with respect to Sherman Act Anti Trust Violations. This could additionally begin to involve complications with Complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) should the Industry decide to force a one provider system.

In this I mean that if the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) does not publicly advocate for a fair market to evolve, we will ultimately end up with a one provider system. This will ensure that pricing will control those whom will be able to participate within both the Industry and ultimately chill technological advances which we see in the real world. In addition, with the refusal of Aspen Grove Solutions and Paul Palmer over at Pruvan refusing to provide any statistical data whatsoever for the media to review, the possibility to skew information rears its ugly head.

Over time, I have no doubt that the temptation to clear certain people and turn blind eyes will evolve. This dovetails with my statements at Florida FAST 2014 that if we do not begin to self regulate as an Industry the US Government will gladly come in and over regulate. Allowing juggernauts like Aspen Grove Solutions to take over the command and control of multi jurisdictional

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