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LPS Workers: Need Work? Yeah, Foreclosurepedia Does That Too!

Foreclosurepedia is probably best known for the hostile take downs of fraudulent vendors within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. It is both and art and science we have honed over time. What many people do not know is that Foreclosurepedia maintains an extensive Rolodex of Contractors and Clients with subdivisions of Skilled Workers available to both. Dating all the way back to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) 3.0 days when Cityside wiped out their Charlotte Office, Foreclosurepedia has quietly participated in the movement of talent to and fro within the Industry.

The reality is that when Forecosurepedia dismantles Companies, participates in the hostile take over of others, or due to simple attrition there is a unique talent pool which is made available. The unique skill sets which many of the employees possess including, but not limited to: HUD P260 Clearance, Database Query vis-a-vis the patchwork of archaic Work Order Distribution Hubs, Vendor Management experience, are all talents which are not readily available off the shelf from any higher education program.

Foreclosurepedia has been head hunting, for want of better words, over the past year or so on behalf of vetted and credentialed Firms. Generally, this takes place in a back channel manner; however, in the unique situation wherein Lender Processing Services (LPS) simply decided to can over 200 employees in one fell swoop, we thought it prudent to reach out publicly and attempt to assist those LPS workers whom would ultimately collect unemployment and eventually become simply a statistic. The below document was obtained by Foreclosurepedia documenting the 211 employees to be laid off by LPS – ServiceLink NLS, LLC, which was issued 24 July 2014,

LPS - ServiceLink's WARN Act Notification
LPS – ServiceLink’s WARN Act Notification

It would behoove former LPS Employees to reach out to Foreclosurepedia to make your unique skill sets available to the Industry Marketplace. As opposed to most outfits, Foreclosurepedia has the unique ability to directly engage the owners of many Firms whom are more than willing to take on Remote – Telecommuting Personnel. Later today, we will have a page and widget dedicated to Employment for Industry Personnel whom are interested in remaining in the Industry.

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