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Florida FAST Postmortem

On 02 August 2014, for the first time in the history of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, labor gathered en masse in Orange City, Florida. The Florida FAST 2014 Postmortem will be a three part series with the first part, today, dealing with the overview of the Conference and the pivotal players involved. The interesting item to note was that there was a rash of Restricted Calls made to my personal cell phone; 49 in total, up through the first hour of the Conference. We turned these over to both Verizon and appropriate law enforcement officials to investigate as threats upon both myself and family have been made in the past. Interestingly, the perpetrator used the term Mr Paul when he called Bret Douglas’ office, in addition to my cell phone. There are only two people I know of whom use that language both of whom are well known within the Contractor Circles. Threatening and intimidating Members of the Media in addition to attempting to interfere with civil rights is something that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) takes very seriously.

Before I go further, I want to thank the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) for allowing both their distinguished Members — Bret Douglas, Adriana Farelo and Jerry Hahn — and their Executive Director, Eric Miller, to attend. I will elaborate upon this later in the Article; however, thought it important to include at the forefront.

Florida FAST had 92 RSVP Confirmations with a little less than half showing up. For a free event and during the height of mowing season, I consider these numbers to be a success in that this was a free event and had no backing from anyone other than Team Ironclad. The reality is that even those whom did their best to subvert labor — strangely it was not Management, but 1099 Contractors — failed miserably in much the same way as those nearly identical key people did when they overtook the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG).

Florida FAST 2014 proved that Management and Labor have the ability to, at minimum, cross the proverbial aisle. Now, do not get me wrong in that this was an enormous love fest and everyone held hands. This Conference allowed for those in influential positions to share their practical knowledge with Contractors in a meaningful manner which, I believe, will be the precursor to the creation of an eventual bridge between Management and Labor.

Adriana Farelo – Fernandez, of the Farelo Group, a former NAMFS Director, the Florida FAST 2014 Keynote Speaker, brought a plethora of real world knowledge to the forefront for a captivated audience. The portion I felt which was most poignant was when she related an experience wherein she ran a lemonade stand. The moral of the story which unfolded was that her mother had financed the lemons and other accouterments necessary. When she held her money at the end of the day, her mother retrieved a portion of it based upon the fact that her mother had, in essence, loaned the capital necessary for the successful business endeavor. While many may view this as a childhood motif, I believe that its imperative is quite valid as we look across the landscape, today, from the view of both Management and Labor; the production of the Work Order and the receipt of Labor with respect to the former and latter.

Bret Douglas was crucial throughout the Conference in that many participants whom gladly had their names and logos proudly displayed on the Florida FAST 2014 Banner refused to appear; some for simple reasons of greed and their inability to fleece yet more Contractors and others for political ambition — at least they perceived such and were unfortunately caught up in the Winds of Change. Douglas kept the charge going and filled enormous portions of the Conference with enlightening and humorous dialogue.

Jerry Hahn, West Point Graduate and NAMFS Member, had an incredible Power Point presentation which dealt with many of the principles he had learned both at West Point and during his military career. Hahn brought out many important points with issues we deal with, as Contractors, daily. Hahn’s recommendations for After Action Reports vis-a-vis Quality Control were spot on. The reality is that the same tried and true skill sets that the US Armed Forces bestows upon those whom serve are precisely that which is needed within the Mortgage Field Services Industry today.

Terry Platt of QC University whose originating sponsorship push came from Joe Hummel over at Keystone Property Services (KPS) and John Allen of the North American Association of Rental Property Inspectors (NAARPI) were both listed and had confirmed that they were going to present their educational options for both Management and Labor. In fact, all three listed had their logos affixed upon the Florida FAST 2014 Banner and yet strangely none appeared — or was it strange?

Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director was kind enough to present the NAMFS Academy Educational Platform. For being called upon as a bystander to make a presentation to a Conference without preparation, I give Miller props. I will dive deeper tomorrow upon the asymmetrical relationships; however, suffice it to say that Miller is well versed on the NAMFS Academy and did it justice. The reality is that when companies do not pitch their product, it is impossible to review their material. The NAMFS Academy appeared to be on par with the material requirements which the Mortgage Field Services Industry. While I have not seen the material, the presentation Miller put on and surprisingly the impromptu Q&A Session which Miller allowed was beneficial for those present.

I will go into deeper detail tomorrow. I have just returned from Florida and am simply exhausted. While Foreclosurepedia will always publicly defend Labor from those within the Management Hierarchy whom would prey upon the innocent, Foreclosurepedia also realizes the importance of interdisciplinary dialogue.

As the Mortgage Field Services Industry begins this trek into uncharted waters, I am heavily encouraged about that which transpired at Florida FAST 2014. Over the next several days, Foreclosurepedia will delve deeper into that which transpired and where I am hopeful the potential is for long term dialogue and assistance.

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