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As Predicted Sage Acquisitions Goes Belly Up

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is batting a whopping ZERO average for doing anything correct with respect to the Management and Marketing (M&M) Contract. The decades long run of fraud which has been overseen, in part, by HUD Secretary, Julián Castro, has finally collapsed like the pile of shit it truly is. For years now, the Atlanta HOC has overseen the largest, wholesale sell out of US Taxpayers comparable only to when Al Capone ran the streets in Chicago. And when it comes to selecting, truly, the worst of the worst, the Management and Marketing (M&M) Asset Manager (AM) and Field Service Manager (FSM) Contracts, appears to have a special crystal ball. Now, in fairness to Craig Karnes, Director of the M&M Contracts in the Southern Region, it is not he, alone, whom is involved in the selection process. Foreclosurepedia has submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to release precisely whom has seemingly done everything in his power to turn blind eyes to the fraud, waste and abuse other than cut his eyes out lest they view the criminality of CWIS, BLM Companies and the PEMCO shell, Sage Acquisitions. And yet, even after Foreclosurepedia has brought whistleblower after whistleblower to HUD saving US Taxpayers millions of dollars, the thanks we received was an about face with respect to fee waivers granted both to Foreclosurepedia and other media outlets for over half a decade. While we have no concrete proof, we staunchly believe this is in retaliation for attempting to force HUD OIG Special Agent, Jamila Davis, to perform her duties. In turn, Foreclosurepedia promises a Death By A Thousand Papercuts — It will be far more costly in time to process the avalanche of coordinated FOIA than to pick a pitched battle over bullshit egos.

HUD knew, from experience, that placing enormous swaths of of Contract Regions under the roof of even a seasoned Prime Vendor was dangerous. Both AMS and Innotion demonstrated this. When HUD allowed BLM Companies to be awarded over half a billion dollars in Contracts, though, it was quite apparent that the fix was in.

HUD has been falling short, lately, with respect to curtailing the fraud, waste and abuse ongoing under the M&M Contracts. I mean let’s keep this real for a moment. The HUD M&M, both AM and FSM, are at their worst state they have ever been. While on the one hand HUD is making some great strides in transparency and assisted Foreclosurepedia in bringing a level of clarity, which has never happened in the history of the HUD M&M FSM Contract, we are ever haunted by the current state of affairs.

The reality is that firms like Sage Acquisitions, BLM Companies and CWIS are rapidly running towards a precipice. Sage hosted their conference call today attempting to salvage Machelle Redmond’s reputation; attempting to continue to pretend that her African American status which opened the door for Sage to come in and wreak such havoc, was justified. In fact, Sage has never been anything other than a proxy for PEMCO, a questionable oriental puppet if you ask me. Now, if HUD OIG Special Agent Davis truly wanted to earn her pay, pay which I AS A US TAXPAYER assists with, perhaps she will drill down upon the familial Hawaii – California connection. Alas, Ms Davis is comfortable oblivious to the real world of fraud; the fraud is to time consuming to pursue, regardless of all the fancy initials behind her last name.

 We released the internal teleconference Sage had with brokers which was woefully wanting. Sage, by and through HUDs refusal to perform oversight, destroyed lives. While on the FSM side HUD continues to allow BLM Companies to commit perjury by and through fines issued upon HUD Case File 263-456343, located at 66 Thorncroft Ave Battle Creek, MI, Sage Acquisitions is continuing to destroy real estate transactions in the 1P Region. In fact, Sage Acquisitions is yet another reason why set asides for earmarked causes should cease and the merits of a firm should be relied upon.

More on this in this weekend’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast. If you are a real estate professional and need assistance with the Asset Manager Contract, feel free to reach out to us TODAY!

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!
                                                 Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!

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