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Sage Acquisitions Announces Its 3P Region Collapse Accepts No Blame

Foreclosurepedia has exclusively obtained Sage Acquisitions Conference Call, with Brokers, announcing its formal withdraw from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Asset Manager (AM) 3P Region and accepts no blame and denies performance issues. More as this fast moving story breaks.

Below, you will find our Foreclosurepedia Podcast recording of Sage Acquisitions denial of blame. In essence, Sage preaches the Gospel of how Brokers should suck it up and No Party No Foul. HUD continues to remain silent as Rome burns down all around. What would you expect, though, in an Election Cycle?!

Here is the chat that Sage allowed and then cut short

  • Lisa Rupinski

    Will we be hired by new Contractor?
  • Marie Day

    How long is the transition period expected to be?
  • Norma Lefkovitz

    Who is the new contractor going to be?
  • jennifer ruspini

    Is that it?
  • Sage Acquisitions

    We will be sending out transition instructions on your current inventory based on step to ensure you have every opportunity to retain and close your listings
  • Dan Kildea

    Jennifer, that is it….
  • Sage Acquisitions

    The new contractor will be BLB Rources
  • Tammy Senkewitcz

    Can anyone hear anything?
  • Adrienne Marquette

    what is 3p
  • Marie Day

    If we have properties under contract, will we still be the LLB for those closings?
  • Dan Kildea

    they are off the video now, only on the chat
  • Tara Roy, REALTOR

    Should we discontinue required tasks in SUGAR?
  • Sage Acquisitions

    BLB will be afforded the opportunity to select their listing brokers we will however seek instructions from HUD to see if they will request that our brokers retain their listings
  • Marie Day

    Who should we direct any questions to in 3P, possibly the project manager?
  • Tiger Woods

    [message delete
  • Sage Acquisitions

    3P is the market known as NY, NJ, CT, ME, MA, NH, VT, RI
  • Tammy Senkewitcz

    way to stay positive Tiger
  • Sage Acquisitions

    We will follow the announcement with formal notice and where to direct questions
  • Ivan Kiyatkin

    Thank You
  • Sage Acquisitions

    Please continue to perform your Sugar tasks as it is necessary to service your listings with Sage
  • Sage Acquisitions

    Sage will retain the listings over the next 60 days as properties transition to new contractor by step
  • Ivan Kiyatkin

    Would it be possible to add 5P to my SUGAR account/profile?
  • Harriet Robertson

    Will this change our status
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