Electrical Backfeeding: BLM Companies Lies and HUD Clarifies

For the first time in history, HUD clarifies its position on Electrical Back Feeding.

Over the past several weeks, Foreclosurepedia has been reaching out to state governments with respect to what is commonly termed electrical back feeding. Fact of the matter is that never in the history of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) Contract has HUD clarified its position with respect to electrical back feeding upon HUD assets. Over the years, the Prime Vendors upon the M&M FSM have been unable to pin HUD down with respect to clarification on the HPIR Part III electrical testing. Whether this is due to HUD not wanting to clarify or, as I believe, the recalcitrant attitudes of current and previous HUD M&M FSM Prime Vendors, now is immaterial. In fact, while Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has continued to pretend to be capable of delivering actionable intelligence, the reality is he merely collects over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year for doing nothing other than cover up NAMFS Offender Member fraud.

Foreclosurepedia, in a historical move today, did what no other Mortgage Field Services Industry firm could, as you will read in a minute. Today, once again, Foreclosurepedia has been both vindicated and proven to be truly a Friend of Labor.

I have been covering the issue of the dangerous and illegal electrical back feeding. Recently, Central Maine Power Company (CMPCO) Director of Communications, John Carroll stated this type of activity placed, “…linemen, contractors and the community in grave danger.” In fact, OSHA National Training Institute icon and senior faculty member, Professor John “Grizzy” Grzywacz published a document upon the grave dangers of this process.

First, though, let’s walk through what it took to get us there. Over the past several years, Foreclosurepedia has been following up upon the tremendous amount of legwork that the Man in Montana began several years ago. Working diligently with state legislatures, we began to pick up momentum in Maine, New Jersey and South Carolina. Here is what the New Jersey and South Carolina government spokespersons had to say,

Mr. Williams:

In New Jersey, the work in question would require a permit under the Uniform Construction Code, N.J.A.C. 5:23.  The method of backfeeding described in the below e-mail messages is not allowed.  An automatic or a manual transfer switch is required to prevent backfeeding the utility (grid.)  Additionally, this work must be performed by a New Jersey licensed electrical contractor.  The only exception to the requirement for a licensed electrician is a homeowner performing work at his or her own house.    The Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors is in the Division of Consumer Affairs, Department of Law and Public Safety.  Work by unlicensed contractors should be reported to the Board.  The code official in the municipality where the work is being performed should be notified if work has been undertaken without a permit.  The local code official can cite a violation under the Uniform Construction Code.  (It should be noted that we lack jurisdiction in federal facilities.)


Tammori PettyDirector of Communications|office: [Redacted]

NJ DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AFFAIRS |101 S. Broad Street, PO Box 800 Trenton, NJ 08625  www.nj.gov/dca|Tammori.Petty@[Redacted]


Mr. Williams,

The regulatory document in South Carolina regarding electrical systems, both residential and commercial, is the 2014 National Electrical Code (NFPA 70).  This document, adopted by the South Carolina Building Codes Council, is required, by statute, to be enforced statewide by all local jurisdictions.  In this code, Articles 700 and 705 set the requirements for the transfer equipment design and installation to prevent the back feeding of the normal and emergency sources of supply in any operation. For intentional interconnection of power production systems Article 705 sets the requirements for equipment and labeling of multisource systems for the protection of electrical and utility workers.

Also, in South Carolina, it is illegal for anyone to perform or offer to perform any electrical work over 50 volts in excess of $5000 without first being licensed as an Electrical Contractor (certain exceptions exist for homeowners performing work on their own home, however the work must be performed in compliance with the above code).

There is no dollar amount that triggers code compliance, while the person performing the work may or may not fall under contractor licensing law, they are still required to perform all work to the adopted code(s).

Work of the scope you describe would require a permit through the local jurisdiction.

Roger K. Lowe, MCP CBO

logo.jpg Administrator, C Building Codes Council, SC Contractors’ Licensing Board, SC Manufactured Housing Board, SC Boiler Safety Program

When PK Management was confronted with this information, they refused to do anything — business as usual. In fact, PK Management has been severely hampered with their operations, especially in the State of Illinois, resorting to the use of Safeguard Properties (SGP) subcontractors to perform specific task orientated inspections. While perhaps not afoul of HUD, it is horrific in the fact that PK Management would hire SGP as opposed to the hard working men and women of Labor whom perform post conveyance work already. It should also stand as a testament to precisely how low the bar has been set when one takes into account their previous use of Mickey Snow’s wife, Somporn Tongsua of Tongsua Management, along with CWIS, whom refuse to pay a native Puerto Rican nearly One Hundred Thousand Dollars.

I am formally writing to notify  that after a year of being marginalized, an ongoing  investigation involving our financial institution (first Bank) and our team of lawyers (Despacho Legal Arroyo-Aguilar) have come to the conclusion that the information provided by CWIS ($48,815.00-Transaction#-245606303/$46,249.00-Transaction#250457827) was an internal transaction number and NOT the Trace number that was originally requested by our team of lawyers.  This made it next to impossible for our financial institution and lawyers to accurately locate the funds allegedly paid out to L&B Management LLC for the months of June and July. L&B Management LLC has invested a lot of time and money exploiting every option possible with the means of pin pointing why these funds were never reflected in our account. On July 30th, 2015 we requested the trace numbers for those two payments (mentioned above) and we were told by Nicole Heskett that the branch manager had supplied CWIS with all the information and that the funds were “deducted” from their account (evidence of this correspondence has been provided below). As on September 24, 2015 there has been no communication regarding this matter from CWIS. In the 4 years that L&B Management was the prime vendor for CWIS under the HUD FSM Contract for the Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands 8A Area, we have never experienced such a dilemma.  We find it a substantially irresponsible on behalf of CWIS for not taking the initiative to follow-up of something of this importance and magnitude. As per our team of lawyers recommendations, we once again reach out to CWIS in an attempt to collect the unpaid funds for those services provided by L&B Management LLC . We are requesting for CWIS to dig a little deeper and assist us on resolving the problem as soon as possible. Unwillingness will obligate L&B Management LLC  to seek alternative methods to ensure the payments for the services provided for those 2 months in question. Attached you will find documents submitted by our lawyers to our financial institution as well as the reply from the financial institution. — Billy Maysonet, L&B Management

Today, BLM Companies sent Jennifer Orr and Chris Giles to conduct training in the State of New Jersey. As agents and employees of BLM Companies, both Orr and Giles freely, willingly and with overt intention lied to contractors according to several first hand accounts. Many will remember Foreclosurepedia’s still ongoing investigation into the shady use of Innotion Enterprises personnel in a manner which appears to violate the spirit, if not the letter of the HUD M&M FSM 3.8 contract. The State of New Jersey has been notified with respect to Orr and Giles’ statements as related to Foreclosurepedia. Below, is what one of the three folks had to say,

There was two parts – first in a classroom, where a fellow brought up the possible illegality of back feeding in New Jersey – to which he was told a bunch of BS lines that “there is no way it is illegal, show us some documentation that it is illegal so we can bring it to HUD’s attention.”

This is when I contacted you.

We did go to a home where they vaguely explained how to backfeed a home, they did not actually back feed the home at the time. I heard that the lady (Jennifer Orr) was confronted with the emails you had received from the state. It looked like she was pretty pissed. They had said that no matter what HUD would require backfeeding and that the NJ state laws would not apply to the HUD homes because they are federal property and out of state jurisdiction. They continued to lie to everyone and and Orr and Chris Giles was convincing these two greenhorns how ‘easy’ it is to backfeed a home safely and legally. These other inspectors admitted to not even touching their own homes electric panels.

The tragic thing here is that instead of reaching out for clarification, Brent Martin and his Team which consisted of Scott Price, whom scheduled the training along with Jennifer Orr and Chris Giles whom it would appear, gave orders to violate state law and potentially place both Labor and the New Jersey public in peril. This type of recalcitrant behavior is precisely the kind of culture which HUD should take note of and sanction accordingly. The recordings made at that training session will, I am sure, be an eye opener for New Jersey law enforcement.

For those who believe that this is an isolated incident, take a listen to the hour long interview with Mike Murphy. Murphy, whom was the Quality Control Manager (QCM) at Innotion Enterprises discusses, candidly, the corruption at Innotion and BLM Companies. He discusses alleged heroin abuse by Brent Martin, BLM Companies owner, and a document linking the two firms together for BLM’s original HUD M&M FSM 3.8 offering.

My hat is off to HUD for releasing the below. I believe that it will both clarify the nearly two decades old question and additionally protect both Labor and unsuspecting residents in communities with HUD assets. An additional benefit is the obvious removal of tremendous liability in conjunction with an increased Return on Investment (RoI).

The HPIR Part III requires an inspection of both major appliances and the electrical system, but does not specify how the tests are to be conducted.  I spoke with Mike Curry, the PHOC REO Director, and quite simply, the FSM is required by the terms of the PWS to follow all state and local laws.  Very seldom does HUD treat the REO inventory as federal facilities, as indicated below. [Editor’s Note: This referred to the State of New Jersey’s opinion and contradicting Jennifer Orr]. In areas where backfeeding the panel is illegal, the FSM would still be expected to test individual appliances using an extension cord/generator to the appliance.  They can also test condition of individual circuits (without electrical current) looking for a closed loop using a simple continuity test at the receptacles, and conduct a visual inspection of any exposed wiring.  They would also want to accurately note the findings and testing methodology on the HIPR Part III.  The buyers would also have the option to pay the costs to turn on the utilities for a more thorough inspection (at buyer’s expense).

Now, for those firms still recalcitrant to abide by HUDs determination; for those HUD Prime Vendors whom refuse to send out an IMMEDIATE NOTIFICATION TO THEIR SUBCONTRACTOR NETWORK, I will do everything in my power to have them imprisoned. There is no measure to the length nor breadth of the actions I will take to have them brought to justice. As the Uniform Construction Code is applicable in virtually all 50 states, there are no longer any excuses to lie and place both Labor and US Residents in harm’s way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, HUD has done more in the past several months to create a transparent environment than it has in the combined history of the M&M FSM dating back to 1999. While nothing is perfect; while the entire backstory is still yet to be written, the fact of the matter is that HUD has begun to hear the Foreclosurepedia Nation. As a Friend of Labor, I do what I do, day in and day out, because of YOU! Without your continued support, though, what great strides we have made, thus far, cannot continue. Please consider supporting Foreclosurepedia by Donating Today!

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