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One Quarter Of All South Carolina Evacuating

As Eric Miller, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Executive Director continues to plunder the coffers of the NAMFS Membership, Hurricane Matthew is bearing down upon the Florida and South Carolina coastlines. NAMFS refuses to inform its Membership as that would allow for continuances in work order deadlines. Fact of the matter is that NAMFS, an all white controlled Trade Association which oversees the Mortgage Field Services Industry, continues to place Minority Females and Labor in harm’s way to gin a dollar extra. Miller, whom is unjustly enriched by over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars annually; Miller’s salary which consumes over seventy percent of all NAMFS Member dues and is twice the national average for his position at a non profit, is a prima facie case of why privileged white men have no concern for Minorities.

Eric Miller:  #BlackLivesMatter

While Miller and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors refuse to tell Labor what is fixing to happen, Foreclosurepedia, Always a Friend of Labor, will. Nearly One Million South Carolinians are preparing for Evacuation Orders no later than 1500EDT tomorrow. Foreclosurepedia stands with Labor in demanding accountability including a demand for the release of the NAMFS IRS Income Tax Form 990 required under federal law. Earlier this year, Foreclosurepedia filed its third IRS 13909 Complaint in as many years.

South Carolina began massive preparations to evacuate almost a quarter of its people Tuesday as Hurricane Matthew crawled toward a weekend rendezvous with the state’s Atlantic coast.

Gov. Nikki Haley said that unless the storm’s course changes drastically overnight, a complete evacuation will begin at 3 p.m. ET Wednesday in the historic city of Charleston and other coastal communities. The region is home to 1.1 million people, almost 25 percent of the state’s entire population — not including beach-goers and other tourists.

“We don’t do voluntary or mandatory. It is an evacuation,” Haley said at a news conference. “Our goal is to make sure you get 100 miles away from the coast.”

While Miller and his Mickey Snow pedophile protecting pals continue to attempt to destroy Labor, Foreclosurepedia will always keep you informed. Stay tuned as we release the close and intimate ties between Eric Miller, NAMFS and James Forrest Taylor, the man allegedly working on behalf of Wells Fargo and yet had vested financial interests in ensuring background checks were put into place. It’s almost like a PK Management reunion with their Safeguard Properties pals and their Miami 5 whom have defrauded Labor in South Carolina.

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