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APHIS: Are You Being Set Up To Be Sued?

We recently had occasion to be called upon by the United States Department of Agriculture APHIS Unit (USDA) and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) due to requirements which are being implemented by several Prime Vendors for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  These requirements are also part and parcel requirements by many of the Primes in pre conveyance work as well.  What are they, you might ask?  Well, the seemingly innocuous task of leaf, branch and wood mulch/debris removal.


Currently, in the State of Tennessee and across vast regions of the United States, there are Quarantines which forbid the transportation of any wood products (twigs, branches, mulch, leaves, etc.) to and from Quarantined Areas.

Now, in East Tennessee, the only way to remove the 60 and 70 Cubic Yards of leaves

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