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PPMS South: Liens In The Dirty South

From time-to-time even Foreclosurepedia encounters folks whom feel they are above the law.  Generally, we weed these folks out; however, just like contagion, you can only be about 99.9% effective.  This, my friends, is a tragic story about greed, hustle and downfall.  It will be a three part series.

During the course of our Industry Insider Investigation of HUD 3.6, we came across a company called Premier Property Management South (PPMSS).  At the time and to this day, their website proudly displayed an announcement that they had invested Four Million dollars in their operation and they were the recipients of the HUD Contracts.

In preparation of the new contract, we are investing nearly 2.5M on new field equipment for our in-house service providers, inspectors, and location directors. We are also investing almost 1.5M on a technology overhaul for our entire corporation, providing new computer work stations, mobile computers, android based tablets and new mobile phones for every employee.

Brandon Lambert, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of PPMSS returned our calls the same day and stated that they had anticipated being Awarded the HUD 3.6; however, it did not happen.  Over the course of several phone calls we negotiated a small batch of Orders on behalf of two of their Clients (CWIS and Zion) as we felt we should give them a chance.  I mean who would've ever thought that a Company whom touts its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as a decorated and wounded war hero would stiff the very citizens

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