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Restructuring of Site

After reading the thousands of emails which poured in over the past Campaign Against HUD 3.6 we are rolling out a model which will address ALL the needs of YOU the Contractor!  What has driven this you might ask?  A desire for FREEDOM!  To date, Corporations have consolidated their holdings to include the media delivery of their watered down information, the acquisition of the very supplies you purchase to perform your work, the testing of your skill sets and created such a maze of bureaucratic paperwork to apply that only Order Mills seem capable of competing!  This revolving door ends and it ends NOW!  We are going to partner with you in our restructuring and bring a One Stop Shop for the Contractors BY the Contractors.

Some of the new features will include

  •  One Stop Shop for Contractors to have their Applications for National and Regional Providers (Yeah, we do them for you and put the 25 cent word in!)
  • Free and Paid Content Areas (podcasts, videos, blog content, etc.)
  • Educational Areas (Both Initial and Refresher education which is Company specific)
  • Bookstore (We’ve put together all of our books and will deliver them both in ebook, pdf and hardcopy)
  • ID Store (One of the biggest problems is that the great Corporate IDs that hang around the neck are hard to get with YOUR company’s name!)
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Turnkey Website IT Packages (We have already done a Pilot on this with great results!  We spin it up for your Company and you sit back and relax!)
  • Accounting and Receipt Platforms (Open Source is the best way and we’re going to help you get into the 21st Century!)
  • One Stop Shop for the best and most reasonable Insurance Providers (Yeah, we did that too!)
  • Custom YouTube Channel Branding with Google AdSense (Why not make $500/mth+ for the videos you are generating for your crews?!)
  • REO/PP Field Supplies (Why pay the Big Boys when you can support a GREAT provider we teamed up with for less?!)
  • And a whole lot more!

Foreclosurepedia has realized that there really is no One Stop Shop for Contractors BY Contractors!  Folks, this is going to be BIG!  You know whom we are; you’ve come to depend on our in depth analysis over the past few months dealing with the HUD 3.6 fiasco.  This is just the beginning!  We are going to get knee deep into the day-to-day activities with hard hitting interviews with both Contractors in the field and beyond!  As time progresses Corporations are going to identify with the Contractors whom are in the know!  They are going to hire these folks because they will know that they do the job right the first time.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, Contractors will be plugged into the One Source of information in the Industry!  No more need to worry about terms such as SEO, SQL and other foreign terms which prevent your Company from Leading the Pack when firms look for a service provider in your Region!  Gone are the days of worrying about whether or not you saved the receipt for the Tax Man.  Yeah, it’s all under One Roof!  And this is just the beginning!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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