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This entry is part 36 of 69 in the series All The Usual Suspects
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Altisource Rolls Out Do Not Use List With Support Of Eric Miller

This entry is part 36 of 69 in the series All The Usual Suspects

To deny Minority Females work based upon a Do Not Use List that Altisource maintains is about as low as it gets. In my nearly decade long fight against the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) I have encountered a lot of horrendous things. I have seen Eric Miller, the Executive Director whom runs an ALL WHITE BOARD OF NAMFS DIRECTORS, allow his white, former, and now disgraced NAMFS Secretary, Heather Berghorst, defraud over One Million Dollars from innocent Minority Females and Labor. All of that was upon Altisource work orders and under the watchful eye of Patricia E McTaggart. Miller’s support for and refusal to address civil rights violations did not end there, though. I mean there is no way Miller may say he does not support a Do Not Use list and yet keep Altisource as a NAMFS Members and not have public hearings under the NAMFS By Laws. No, Miller and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors were just getting underway. Altisource allowed Berghorst to close down Berghorst Enterprises and spin up not one, but TWO new companies and continued sending her checks and work orders knowing that she was not paying Minority Females and Labor. Eric Miller and the Board refused to remove Berghorst even after not one, but TWO documented bankruptcies which defrauded not only Minority Females and Labor, but US Taxpayers. Hell, even Fifth Third Bank sued Berghorst for Willful and Malicious injury! I mean this is the culture at NAMFS under the Miller Regime. Thinking that lawyers could silence Foreclosurepedia, both Berghorst and Miller ordered that threatening letters be issued and both lawyers were put out to pasture. In fact, Berghorst’s lawyer never recovered from the battle.

To say that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is ethically challenged is putting it mildly. Never has a Trade Association found itself and its Membership embroiled in so many overt felonies and outright racism as NAMFS is today, under the direction of Eric Miller. And never has it been more important for Labor to gather round and begin to picket and demonstrate against both Eric Miller and Altisource.

Eric Miller’s over One Hundred and Twenty Two Thousand Dollar Per Year salary consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues and is directly linked to the financial insolvency NAMFS is experiencing.

Things were in high gear by the time Patricia E McTaggart, the apparently Minority Female and Labor hating Altisource cheerleader, got under way. Buczek Enterprises, founded by Dan Buczek, one of the NAMFS Broken 50 Founders, was next up to bat. Pushing the Altisource Fraud Mill, Buczek Enterprises took fraud to an entirely new and dangerous level. It was as if a playbook had been written and distributed by NAMFS Members at a NAMFS Annual Conference — The notorious NAMFS #FraudFest. In fact, it was the first time that threats of violence were made both from and against a NAMFS Member to Minority Females and Labor. Labor took to the streets hanging fliers on thousands of telephone poles condemning the all white NAMFS Regime firm. Coming in at nearly One Million in fraud committed against Minority Females and Labor, Adam and Amanda Buczek, now closely associated with Beers Housing in Atlanta, began to go belly up and Altisource did nothing. Patricia E McTaggart ramped up her now historic attacks upon Minority Females and Labor while continuing to send hundreds of thousands of dollars to Adam and Amanda Buczek. So bad it became that even Buczek Enterprises Chief Operating Officer, Brian Drain, began working with Foreclosurepedia. After death threats originated from Buczek Enterprises against Foreclosurepedia, the doors were finally closed for good. McTaggart send money and work orders to Adam and Amanda Buczek to the very last day as Altisource’s Associate General Counsel discussed.

Two names continue to pop up in the Altisource Roster that have connections by and through Aaron Trevethan, CEO of Property Preservation Servicing LLC of Laguna Niguel, CA. Those names are Michael Dougherty and Reid Schermer. Aaron Geoffrey Trevethan, 41 years old, lives in Laguna Niguel, CA, but has also spent time in Laguna Hills, CA; Norristown, PA and Jackson, WY. He is a 1994 graduate of Dana Hills High School. Companies in which he has a work history include President And CEO, Family Limited Partnership and Consultant – Contractor. His work experience includes positions such as Contractor and Consultant. Blow, 25th Hour, Captain Ron and The Thomas Crown Affair are his favorite movies which would tend to explain his mentality after receiving all that money after daddy moved on.

Don’t worry, we will get back to Aaron in a moment as many of the Contractors we spoke with described he as an Economic Hitman with Dougherty calling the shots.

Feeling more emboldened than ever, Pat McTaggart began working the Michigan Realty Solutions (MRS) angle. Jay Goscinski, owner of MRS, was outgunned. In fact, Michael Dougherty, then of Altisource and now the Chief Executive Officer at Birdsey Group, had already begun to perfect the McTaggart Hustle. And what a hustle it became. Goscinski had been having issues with paying Contractors by the time Foreclosurepedia began writing upon MRS. When McTaggart, Dougherty, Schermer and the former Associate General Counsel became involved, the fix was in. By now, though, folks like Dougherty and Schermer had honed their art and were well aware of the impact of being able to move on to Phase Two of the operation.

Altisource, under the eyes of Pat McTaggart, Michael Dougherty, and Reid Schermer, oversaw an enormous Do Not Use List which was secretly maintained. In fact, Mariana Pinero, Altisource Coordinator for Field Vendor Management in the Uruguay offices confirmed it when she sent the email on the right to a recent applicant. When word spread back to McTaggart that a firm whom had been defrauded by Birdsey Group and Laudan Properties had applied for work directly, panic began to set in for McTaggart and her staff. For years, Altisource had ensured that the buffer between they and Ocwen was in place in a manner calculated to deprive civil rights from US Citizens. It was an irony which held epic proportions as Altisource is, itself, a foreign national. Here is how the list was utilized by at least Dougherty which tends to back up the story of Jay Goscinski,

Michael Dougherty would check the rolls daily for firms which were not making the cut. Part of that research dealt with statistics they maintained and part dealt with the daily writings upon Foreclosurepedia. Dougherty, a close and personal friend to Aaron Trevethan, would dispatch information to Trevethan about firms on the ropes. Trevethan would, at least in the case of Michigan Realty Solutions (MRS), order the owner to turn over all of their financials and labor rolls under the authority of Dougherty himself. Refusal to do such meant immediate termination from Altsource. Trevethan would function in the roll as the good cop in that he would pretend to want to assist the owner, and in fact after the information was raided, that firm; in this case, MRS, lost all of their work anyway and the territory was handed over to Property Preservation Servicing out of Laguna Niguel, owned by Trevethan.

Michigan Realty Solutions wasn’t enough, though. In fact, it was only the beginning as Trevethan moved in on Wyatt Home Services, in Texas.

Both Wyatt Home Services and Aaron Trevethan refused to comment for this story by the time of publication.

It was a brilliant plan. Dougherty and Trevethan ensured that the company was Deep Sixed; it ensured that it happened after all financial and labor information had been stolen; and it ensured that there was no way that the company in question could ever re-enter as an Altisource vendor as they were placed upon the Do Not Use list. Here, I digress, as we have gotten a bit ahead of the story and not properly introduced Aaron Trevethan nor the role he played with Altisource which allowed he such unfettered access to McTaggart, Dougherty, and Schermer.

How is a non profit Trade Association, such as NAMFS, legally allowed to fix pricing and alienate US Citizens from their constitutionally guaranteed right to Contract? By allowing Altisource, at minimum, to maintain a Do Not Use list and still function as a legitimate NAMFS Member, many are questioning where the buck is going to stop. And many NAMFS Members Foreclosurepedia spoke with are gravely concerned that the circus which has become the Miller Regime, needs to be rethought before regulatory agencies come in with closer scrutiny upon all. And the irony here is that the financial institutions, such as Wells Fargo whom provided and continues to provide an enormous amount of work to Altisource, are going to be placed straight in the crosshairs.

On the 24th of May, 2013, Pat McTaggart sent an email out to her network announcing that Aaron Trevethan had rented a cruise liner to go on a river cruise in Austin, TX. Dubbed the Executive Bat and Booze cruise, it was an RSVP event not officially sanctioned for the June, 2013, Altisource Convention. In fact here is what McTaggart sent out, on Altisource letterhead, on behalf of Aaron Trevethan,

From the beginning, McTaggart was deeply involved in rubbing shoulders and advocating on behalf of Trevethan to ensure not only that his influence peddling was successful at Altisource, but with the assistance of Michael Dougherty, Trevethan was able to prey upon those less fortunate in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. And prey Trevethan did. Like a skilled predator, Trevethan began spreading money around in the form of exclusive outings for Altisource executives which finally culminated in South Carolina, several years ago, with a demand that no more Altisource executives were to participate in Vendor Sponsored junkets.

On the 23rd of June, 2014, Altisource Asset Management Corp lost $256 per share on reports thatthe company’s affiliate, Altisource Residential, was shut out of a distressed loan auction from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. That is a 30 percent drop in valuation. Then under investigation by Benjamin Lawsky, NY Department of Financial Services czar, Lawsky had this to say,

The relationship between Ocwen, Altisource Portfolio, and Hubzu raises significant concerns regarding self-dealing. In particular, it creates questions about whether those companies are charging inflated fees through conflicted business relationships, and thereby negatively impacting homeowners and mortgage investors.

Less than a year later, Foreclosurepedia reported upon the NINETY ONE PERCENT DROP IN VALUE. Since #Foreclosurepedia began waging #OpAltisore Altisource’s revenue dropped to a paltry $3.698 Million in Q1FY2015, down from $39.63 Million in Q1FY2014. Things were tight for Dougherty and Trevethan whom is a self proclaimed Los Angeles-based investing partner, venture capitalist according to his Nashville Music Label hype. More importantly, though, Pat McTaggart was beginning to feel the heat, as well.

During the entire time Foreclosurepedia has advocated for McTaggart to pay Minority Females and Labor, she has acted in a racist manner calculated to ensure that families could not feed their children. McTaggart’s apparent hatred for black women, in particular, is mind boggling. Her hatred of men; her hatred for any man whom brings forward a Complaint, is historic.

One thing which I key to is the simple fact that with the exception of Safeguard Properties, the fraud within the Mortgage Field Services Industry originates upon Altisource work orders. I am unable to document anything which even remotely compares to that which Patricia E McTaggart has perpetrated upon Minority Females and Labor. And it comes in cycles. In fact, when we examine the Berghorst – Buczek – SEAS Axis of Fraud, Patricia E McTaggart presided over it entirely. In the case of MRS, McTaggart refused to pay Jay Goscinski and after keeping the monies owed, offered thirty cents on the dollar to Minority Females and Labor like a slave plantation owner in the South. Patricia E McTaggart is more ruthless than the Ku Klux Klan and deserves to be closely examined by those whom advocate within the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Millions of dollars were withheld from Minority Females and Labor and if you were ignorant enough to claim the thirty cents on the dollar your name was added to the Altisource Do Not Use list and told you were never allowed to work for they again.

To date, the only thing Patricia E McTaggart has been successful doing is getting Foreclosurepedia on Page One of Google when you search by her name. Moreover, the trail of collateral damage which Patricia E McTaggart has left for Altisource to clean up, yet again, will take years to clean up.

Altisource is back in troubled times, once again. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has launched yet another investigation against McTaggart and her racist, foreign nationalist Altisource Klan. Altisource Portfolio Solutions disclosed in its yearly 10-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it received a “Notice and Opportunity to Respond and Advise” letter from the CFPB late last year about a “potential enforcement action” against Altisource. Ocwen was fined $2 Million for their relationship with Altisource last year, in addition to Bill Erbey having to step down as CEO and Ocwen paid another $150 Million to DNYFS in fines. In February, Altisource paid another $32 Million dollar settlement in a class action settlement filed by shareholders for Altisource’s illegal role with Ocwen. To put this into perspective, in December, 2013, Altisource Portfolio Solutions shares were at $169. Today, they are at $36. That is a nearly eighty percent loss in value. And it is getting worse.

If you believe that Pat McTaggart, Michael Dougherty, Reid Schermer, and Aaron Trevethan are not working together; if you believe that Altisource as a corporation has the best interests of US Citizens at heart, take a read through what McTaggart’s former boss did,

In reality – and in stark contrast to Defendants’ Class Period statements to Altisource investors – Altisource and Ocwen, at Erbey’s direction, engaged in conflicted related party transactions designed to improperly funnel money from innocent homeowners to Altisource and Erbey. Every aspect of this fraud has now been admitted by Ocwen. When the truth of Defendants’ Class Period statements was finally revealed, Altisource’s common stock had lost a total of over $1 billion in market capitalization.

Altisource, with McTaggart at the helm, has instilled a culture of financial terrorism. McTaggart’s unflinching hatred of Minority Females and Labor is only second to Eric Miller’s overt protection of Altisource including his refusal to address the Do Not Use list which Altisource employs which I believe is racially motivated. Miller and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors are a running a close second place to McTaggart’s apparent hatred of Minority Females and Labor. In fact, Eric Miller has had multiple opportunities to address the racist and anti American attitudes held by Patricia E McTaggart and Altisource. At each and every opportunity, Miller refused to do such.

Eric Miller and the NAMFS Government Relations Committee has remained silent with respect to the legality of its Membership maintaining Do Not Use lists. That may not be for long as the Federal Trade Commission becomes involved in the deprivation of constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. Foreclosurepedia has additionally reached out to the US Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division and filed the first Complaint in the history of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. That same day, we reached out to the IRS requesting the Internal Revenue Service to conduct an SS-8 determination against several NAMFS Members. We are additionally filing an IRS 13909 Complaint against NAMFS itself. Those results are forthcoming. Foreclosurepedia also reached out to HUD in order to get a feel for their take on the legality of Patricia E McTaggart’s operation of the Altisource Do Not Use list. This is what they had to say,

While I do have a pretty strong background in the labor laws that impact federal contracts, namely SCA, Davis Bacon and Prompt Payment Act, I don’t profess to be an expert when it comes to the multitude of commercial federal and state labor laws.  I would think your best bet would be to start with DOL’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs,  It appears that there are at least some allegations of discrimination that likely would fall under EEOC, which is within OFCCP’s oversight.  At the very least it  may help discern the reasons why the subcontractor was added to the blacklist.  HUD formally requests an EEOC review from DOL prior to any new awards.  OFCCP does take violations pretty seriously and can prevent contractors from receiving future awards for violations.  Additional teeth were added under the new Federal Blacklisting Rule back in August 2016 via Executive Order, but I don’t believe the new rules go into effect until later this year. Basically, they increase reporting requirements to every 6 months, and contractors could face suspension/debarment, which allows the Government to terminate existing in-process contracts for violations.

Stay with us tomorrow when we roll out yet more firms whom Trevethan worked with to undermine and take over. We additionally connect the dots between Altisource, Wells Fargo, and Fannie Mae. You don’t want to miss it! We will also have a day committed to Interviews on the Foreclosurepedia Radio Network. There is no measure of how hard or fast the fight is being brought to the doorstep of both Eric Miller and Patricia E McTaggart by Minority Females and Labor. If you have been defrauded by Altisource; if you suspect that you have been added to the Altisource Do Not Use list, reach out as soon as possible so that we may talk about putting you in front of the US Department of Labor, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and assist with the filing of an SS-8 determination.

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