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Yup, We Just Went There!

Recently, we began streamlining the thousands of pages of documents we have been maintaining over in the ISTAR Classified Repository as part of our Database Upgrades.  In an uncertain world; when Information is King, we realized the need to begin to mirror our data in offshore servers.  Part of the process additionally dealt with the need to declassify data.  As a direct result we realized the fact that many Contractors rarely, if ever, have an opportunity to view the actual Pricing Data or Master Contracts that are signed between the Nationals and their Clients.  I am not talking the redacted crap that is viewable under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or the deeply buried, but accessible data in the Senate and House Congressional Research Library files.  I am talking about Master Contracts such as MSA-2013-0503 or perhaps JPM/BACNA 346Y-09-2013.  Yeah, the folks that matter will shit a brick when they run those numbers!  😉

The most powerful commodity on the face of the Earth is Information.  It may be a show stopper if not obtained and will most definitely take the wind out of a sail if in the wrong hands.  For years now Contractors have been fed this line of shit that, “Oh, we had to change the pricing because [insert here HUD, JPMorgan, Bank of America, et al.] lowered their pricing.  Um, yeah.  Let me get right on that Boss!

So, we are creating a Digital Archive which will host these materials and be accessible to anyone whom has a need and ability to purchase them.  Make no mistake that some of my Clients hire me as a Consultant to open the doors of their Competitor’s closets on occasion.  Economic espionage goes all the way back to Benjamin Franklin; good ‘ol 72/Moses knew a thing or two.  If you don’t know the story, take the time to learn it.

To understand the Property Preservation Industry, you need to understand a complexity of interactions which rival most Hollywood movies.  For example, the recent A2Z Field Services (A2ZFS) debacle over the Vendor Fraud Policy (VFP) had very little to do with Contractors or A2ZFS’ desire to allegedly placate their Client’s supposed desires to compartmentalize information.  The genesis of that document; the genesis of nearly identical documents Industry wide, has to do with paranoia in my opinion.  Oh, yes.  Scratch the surface just a wee bit and you have a full blown Diagnostics and Statistics Manual (DSM – V) clinical case of paranoia!

A2ZFS is in quite of a pickle these days.  They are hemorrhaging talent close to the  C Level.  The reality is that more than a few folks have spread their wings and gone rouge.  When a former employee goes rouge it means that Competition exists.  The problem with this type of Competition is that they know the Play Book.  It’s not just at A2ZFS either.  As more and more true small businesses emerge the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is able to expand their horizons.  A2ZFS simply released an Internal Policy prematurely.  I feel pretty comfortable with this assessment as Foreclosurepedia occupies a rather unique position in assessing Information (See, there’s that word again).

Now, does that mean that A2ZFS is a bad Company?  Not in my opinion.  It means that they are a prudent Company.  Their problem was attempting to steam roll out the VFP onto the Contractors.  It’s really no dissimilar to Cyprexx requiring Contractors to Click the Pop Up Window and submit to some unknown entity pilfering through the private lives of Contractors they previously hired and got caught with their pants down.  60/40.  60% is the audit while 40% is the fear of whom they might have working now.  G-d forbid a reporter or US Government Agent!  I currently know of 16 freelance journalists recently hired by 8 Nationals.  Yeah, maybe it’s not paranoia?!  What do I mean here?

Cyprexx along with each and EVERY Company Contractors work for had the opportunity to run Background Checks on folks when they hired them.  Matter of fact Contractors signed off on it.  The Companies never did it for the most part.  Now that the audits are rolling around they are ALL running for cover.  None of these Companies could give two shits whom has done what.  Hell, PK Management (PKMG) has an Exception For Use Of Convict Labor and they service a HUD Marketing and Management (M&M) Contract!  No, Cyprexx and the rest of the Herd are trying to stymie the System and roll the shit downhill.  My opinion?  Contractors should file a Class Action Lawsuit against the whole lot of them and bring in the Public!

So, at the end of the day, the only way Foreclosurepedia could figure out how to begin to level the Playing Field was to make available Information (Damn, there’s that word again).  Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks!

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