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Why The US Department Of Housing And Urban Development Is Corrupt

Have you ever wondered why absolutely none of the laws, rules or regulations which protect Contractors or Subcontractors in normal Federal Contracting do not protect those under the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Contracts? I have. The man whom makes sure that you, the Contractor, will never have any rights whatsoever and that the Companies whom are Awarded Contracts time after time and never punished for ANYTHING that they do wrong is Craig Karnes. Karnes is the Director of the Marketing and Management (M&M). He is based out of the Atlanta, GA, HUD Office and is easily found. If you ever have an issue with a HUD Property or with a Company running the Contract, feel free to reach out to him at:  Now, I cannot guarantee he will do anything as it has always been a Good ‘Ol Boy System, but if you carbon copy your Senator or Congressperson maybe you will be able to get some results.  Tonight’s Podcast will deal with an in depth analysis on the broken HUD Contracting System.  Below is an Article dealing with some of the protections you have if you move over into Federal Contracting.

New Rule in Effect August 15 Requires Primes to Notify Contracting Officers When They Fail to Utilize Their Subcontractors

A provision of the year 2010 Small Business Jobs Act enters into effect on August 15 requiring prime contractors to notify their contracting officers when they fail to utilize their subcontractors.

This notification rule goes into effect when one of the following three conditions occur:

1. If the subcontractor was specifically cited in the bid or proposal yet was not utilized during actual contract execution;

2. If the prime contractor entered into a written agreement with the subcontractor stating that the sub would be a part of the contract yet the prime then failed to include the subcontractor in the contract performance; or

3. If the subcontractor wrote parts of the winning proposal–technical or pricing–and was subsequently excluded from contract activity.

This rule is designed to stop prime contractors from using and abusing subcontractors so that more federal dollars will actually trickle down to small businesses.

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