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Foreclosurepedia Calls For Dismissal of HUD M&M Director

This will be quick and to the point. Foreclosurepedia calls upon all whom read and subscribe to contact their local Congresspersons and Senators and request the dismissal of Craig Karnes whom is the Director of the US Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Marketing and Management Program based in Atlanta, Georgia.

For far too many years, Karnes has overseen Contracts which have questionable applications of the Service Contract Act and currently has knowledge of samesaid which we have forwarded to him. He further has knowledge of ongoing documents which are construed by many as Civil Rights Violations and the perceived awarding of Police Powers to a private corporation over which he has power and control.

Craig Karnes may or may not be guilty of dereliction of duty; at minimum, Karnes has PERSONALLY overseen the most monumental loss of wages in recorded history by Contractors performing services in the field while standing by as Investigation after Investigation by the HUD Office of Inspector General (OIG) has revealed tens of thousands of line item issues with HUD M&M Contracts and the Director’s Office has not made A SINGLE PUBLIC STATEMENT and done little if anything, in private, as a direct result.

The Honor of the position of the Director of the M&M would be best served by the tender of Karnes’ resignation.

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