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Why I Dislike Michigan: Craigslist Hacks

This sets the bar for Michigan and what I really, really think of the hacks I have dealt with lately up there. Below is a recent Craigslist Crackhead Ad in true Michigan Form. All you need is an SUV or Van. No Insurance, no experience — just be an expert.

Property Preservation experts!!!! (Knoxville to Nashville and surrounding )

Property preservation is an up and growing field and we have an opportunity for you to get involved today!  We are based out of MI but are expanding to YOUR area and are in need of contractors immediately! Briefly, we preserve residential property for the banks while the property is in foreclosure. Each job varies as to the type of condition the property is in.  We handle lock changes, board ups, roof repairs, winterizing, flood damage, mold treatment, lawn & shrub care, debris removal, tree removal and various other maintenance work.

Dependable transportation (SUV, Pick Up or Van)

Must have your own tools, ladder, generator & compressor for winterizations

wireless capabilities — laptop or smartphone

Cell Phone, Digital Camera and GPS

Must have good communication skills and be detailed in documenting each property.

Simply respond with your name, email and phone number so I can give you a call!

Please include your coverage area where you would like to work.

Will somebody please, pretty please tell me that this is not the Mortgage Field Services Industry?! I mean hacks from Michigan advertising in Tennessee? Jesus Christ. What a pathetic excuse for humanity!


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