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Craigslist: How The Order Mills Work

I despise Order Mills. Below is a Tennessee con artist. Contractors making TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH IN THE WINTER. Problem is that Lee is using his insurance to insure others. So, he is illegally withholding to both his Insurance Provider and his Client that he is doing the work. Hell, how about them background checks?! We referred the Ad over to the proper authorities for investigation. My recommendation is that if you are the Company sending good ‘ol Lee work, you had best have your affairs in order.

Property Preservation (East TN)

We are a Property Preservation Company seeking driven individuals to complete work on foreclosed homes. The scope of work varies from one end to the other and include but not limited to roof repair, winterizations, boarding windows, changing locks, grass cuts, debris removal ect…We are on a net 30 which means for example if you work from the 1st of December to the 31st you paid on all the work completed in December will be paid on the 28th of Janurary. So it is a must that you have enough capital to be able to run on for 2 months. After your first draw it becomes easier because you will be paid on the 28th of every month. The reason pay is done this way is because we get paid by pictures and it gives the banks enough time to review the pictures and make sure its done correctly to justify payment. You will need all your own equipment truck, trailer, lawn equipment, ect… The first month of people starting new in this business is always hard but after you receive the first check it gets a lot easier. I have contractors making 5 thousand a month I have contractors making 10 thousand a month it all up to the contractor on how much they are able to earn. Its a 75/25 split. I take 25% for providing the work having the insurance and doing all the paper work. I need good dependable crews who can meet deadlines and do good work. I can promise a good career and up to 6 figures a year. If interested please call me at 865-657-3401 ask for Lee.


Here was the other reply when I did a phone number search,

Can’t get my money – Craigslist‎

Dec 15, 2013 – Their new # is 865-657-3401 for anyone else in my boat. Location: East tn; Compensation: Nothing; Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t …

Until the Mortgage Field Services Industry becomes regulated, their piss poor attempts at becoming compliant with the law is pissing in the wind!

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