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When Quality Left Town: Why Quality Is Making A Comeback

I mince no words about the fact that whether you are an Order Mill or a legitimate Vendor, if you are hiring off of Craigslist, you lost points on my Scorecard. Oh, I am sure that there are folks out there whom are simply down on their luck and plying their wares; hell, I use it to buy and sell stuff all the time. The problem is that when we as an Industry utilize Craigslist as the Recruitment Department, there are issues which do not stop simply at Quality Control.

An average Craigslist employment job posting nets around 653 replies in a 24 hour day. 24 percent of the applicants HAVE NO EXPERIENCE! An additional 17 percent have LESS THAN A YEAR OF EXPERIENCE.

So, while this is not a scientific experiment; while no Company is going to release any information about their Craigslist and/or Human Resources Department, what we may conclude is that NEARLY HALF OF THE WORK FORCE solicited via Craigslist is untrained and has less than one year’s experience.

I want that to sink in for a moment. While the vast majority of Order Mills may state otherwise, the startling reality is that this trend is the norm as opposed to the exception.

I rode shotgun with my girlfriend the other day as she needed a professional construction bid drafted up. When I did a walk through of the property I was astonished. Items which only a year ago were considered mandatory issues to address were left unattended. What was even worse was the fact that the property had been inspected. This is not a unique case, either. I get quite a few calls from Contractors out here in East Tennessee to put in bids for reasons such as brokers wanting something done to ensure the sale of a property. Time after time I encounter sloppy, unprofessional work.

The reality is that the Mortgage Field Services Industry has traded quality work for quantity. The profit margins are now King and the reality is that they are getting bit in the ass over it.

Most of the professionals whom read my material have been called in to correct issues which Non Contractors have created. You see, while many in the Industry believe that they will withstand the onslaught of litigation already perking around Employee vs Independent Contractor, I opine otherwise. When these Companies hire off of Craigslist, the vast majority of people they hire are simply people whom are unemployed and need work. They are the epitome of why this Industry had best figure out how to spell their name to coin a euphemism I use often.

We refused to go in and cert a winterization simply because it was labeled. When there were issues with a property and we were asked to take it over either they were corrected or we were paid. You see, that mentality is what separates an Employee from a Contractor.

There are legitimate ways of hiring Contractors. A simple search of a State’s Business License Listings will produce a bevy of legitimate Contractors. You know, in the 17 years I worked out there I am only able to remember ONE OCCASION when a Company asked us for Business License. The reality is that the writing is on the wall with respect to the obscene profit margin days. For those Order Mills whom did not sock back Capital to weather the storm, they will be easily identifiable as the ones whom are gutter sniping along Craigslist.

When you have office staff whom have never been in the field paid right around minimum wage hiring people to take care of TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Bank and US Government owned Properties you end up with what we have today. We have an Industry with systemic corruption producing a sub par work product.

Over the next several weeks we are going to compile a list of the Companies relying upon Craigslist to hire from. In the process, we are going to run a few Stings to see precisely how many of the Companies allow Craigslist Applicants to begin work without having the proper insurance, business license, and in some cases Citizenship — hmnn, that might convey that maybe we have already made a dry run?!

I believe that the results, while suspected, will nonetheless be surprising. I mean here we have a Recruitment Process which is utilizing a Platform which has been associated with adult and child prostitution, drugs and murder. It really, really does not strike me as what I want my Company associated with. Make no mistake whatsoever that the association is NOT OPINION, but fact. Placing the two FACTS, side-by-side, does the Public a service.

With these results in hand, we are going to reach out to Financial Institutions, US Government Agencies whom utilize Mortgage Field Services, and elected State and Federal Representatives for Comment. I venture the guess that most of those we contact will not be willing to state that Craigslist is where tax dollars are best spent. I have yet to identify any Bank, US Government Agency or Representative hiring off of Craigslist — well, at least not for legal and legitimate work.


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