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Ray Dalio: On How The Economy Works

 Ray Dalio, Chief Executive Officer over at Bridgewater Associates, gave a great speech on the 12 of September, 2012, for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). To do what I do; to be able to answer a wide array of questions which I do for my Clients, a person must be proficient in far more than the study of the criminal enterprise known as the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

The video below is based upon the 200+ Page Treatise Dalio put together on Economic Principals. I am not going to attach it here, other than as the hyperlink to my Google Docs, as it is over 2 megabytes. That Document, when coupled with the Federal Reserve’s Treatise on Modern Money Economics, formulate the foundations for understanding the Economy.

While most of you will not make it through the first two minutes as there are no large breasts or gunfire, the remaining ones whom do will be better off in that they will have a better understanding of their world. When you begin to understand the world around you; when you are empowered by knowledge, you are a formidable adversary to those whom wish to defraud you.

Paul Williams
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