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Web Hosting: Who I Use And The Real Deal Part I

I never gave much thought to writing articles on the ins and outs of running websites. For years I have been a staunch supporter of the Open Source Community and had always kind of thought people simply understood how the internet worked and researched their products. A week or so ago, I realized how wrong I was. I had a Client whom I was doing some other work for whom while we were on a Conference Call was unable to provide some statistics I needed to put together a Proof of Concept (PoC). I realized almost immediately that the language I was speaking was foreign. Terms like cPanel and SQL were Greek to them. When I inquired with respect to some other less complicated issues, I truly realized that the Mortgage Field Services Industry not only has no concept of Information Security (iSEC), they literally were being robbed blind!

If you are using GoDaddy, HostGator, Blue Host, Fat Cow, 1&1, or any of the other lame stream providers you need to get the fuck out now! With that said, continue reading on so that you will at least educate yourself on the basics of web hosting — this means you Joel McCall!

Any provider whom does not include the domain fee for your website name in the full price is to be avoided like the plague. Now, I run quite a few websites and actually buy domains and auction them off all the time — Property Baggage is a prime example. Sometimes, if you have a web hosting provider like those I listed above, you would be wise to simply buy your domain name elsewhere if you are not going to have an actual website. This is a different discussion, so we will not cover it right now, but later in the series.

First and foremost, there IS NO SUCH THING AS UNLIMITED SPACE AND BANDWIDTH! Period. Let me tell you precisely what I mean. So, you spin up your website and let’s say for the point of argument that you use WordPress — if you hired a web developer you are an ignorant idiot! WordPress is the epitome of what we call a Content Management System (CMS). It is free — IT IS FREE AS IN FREE SUNLIGHT WHEN YOU GET UP EVERY DAY! The plugins — these are the items which make all the bells and whistles work — are, for the most part free as well. The themes — these are what are the visual layouts like the Newspaper Setting Foreclosurepedia has — are both free and premium. Premium means that you pay some money and there are premium plugins as well. I believe that I spent $35 for my theme and probably have around $60 wrapped up in ALL OF MY PLUGINS COMBINED. Anything dealing with WordPress, themes or plugins, have a system of dedicated support which is almost ALWAYS FREE. If you do not get support, do not use the item — that simple.

Additionally, WordPress is a Linux-based, open source system based on MySQL. As such, it runs best on Linux-based servers. Period. Oh, you didn’t know there were Windows — worst of the worst — and Linux Servers did you? Hell, I run my laptops and desktops on Linux — Ubuntu — as well. I keep one Windows laptop for the Industry bullshit, though.

So, you crank up your WordPress site, we will call it NAMFSFRAUD for want of better words, and the first thing you need to figure out is whether or not you want run it for your Company as a static page — does not change much other than images and such — or fluid wherein through a series of menus the consumer is able to navigate around. Many National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Rank and File opt for the fluid setting. So, now we come to content which is where we deal with bandwidth. You toss up a few YouTube videos showing how you can start a mower or maybe for training and bam you are over the acceptable bandwidth because of views. Maybe you get mentioned on Foreclosurepedia or you have a huge Craigslist rush. When you sign up for any web hosting you will electronically sign a Terms of Service (ToS) Agreement. Read the fine print my friends. Now, had you read the Foreclosurepedia Article on Streaming Through Amazon Servers, you would have been ok — maybe.

Web hosting, today, is a one click world. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some hacks you will do as you learn, but first and foremost, you have to be able to get to where you are able to do the wrenching. If your provider does not have cPanel, get the fuck out!

What the top of cPanel looks like
What the top of cPanel looks like

Now, let me show you precisely how easy cPanel makes life to install anything from WordPress, to MediaWiki — we run Foreclosurepedia REO on this — and TikiWiki — this powers the Foreclosurepedia ISTAR Repository — to Moodle — Moodle is what Terry Platt uses to run QC University, by the way, so no reason there couldn’t be a MILLION Educational portals!

One Click and the World Is Yours Tony Montana!
One Click and the World Is Yours Tony Montana!

So, class, what have we learned thus far? If it doesn’t have cPanel, if it is a lame stream provider, and if it costs more than $55 per year — YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT — then run and run fast Forest! This is the conclusion of Part I of a Four Part Series on Web Hosting which will be followed up with how to begin to install your own website and finally how to secure that which you finally install. If you simply want to skip to the end and set up your own website using the IDENTICAL WEB HOST that Foreclosurepedia uses, simply click the TMD Hosting Image on the right hand side! See you tomorrow when we sit down and discuss pricing and what you really get for the price. We also piss off the vast majority of the web site gurus whom want thousands of dollars from you for jack shit! As usual, Foreclosurepedia opens up the Smoke and Mirrors to show you the Way — Free of Charge!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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