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Altisource: Getting In Front Of The Issues

Today was a busy day. In less than an hour after I woke up this morning, I had phone calls on three separate continents if you include the United States. The highlight of my day, though was a call I had with a source speaking on condition of anonymity out of Luxembourg. To background just a little bit, Foreclosurepedia has been extremely critical of the disgraced former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst and Legacy NAMFS Regime Members Adam and Amanda Buczek. Each case has their own horrific circumstances. With respect to Berghorst after floating monies owed to Contractors for months and never paying them, Heather Berghorst filed not her first, but her SECOND bankruptcy. In actuality, Heather and Doug Berghorst not only filed bankruptcy for a second time, they both filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy which, unless Contractors show up and present their evidence of fraud, she will discharge every single penny of debt. Even more startling is the fact that Eric Miller, the ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLAR AND FORTY FOUR DOLLAR YEARLY SALARY WHICH CONSUMES NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, has refused to hold Ethics Hearings. Many are beginning to wonder if Berghorst has bribed the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors not to hold hearing until after her Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. These grumblings are now becoming more vocal. At last check moments ago, Heather Berghorst is still a Member in Good Standing of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) as well as still listed to attend the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest 2014 using a phony business name in Heritage Home Solutions. It would be most interesting to perform an audit upon each and every NAMFS Regime Board Member including those recently appointed. We are, in fact, beginning to take a long, hard look at those whom are citizens of the State of Tennessee.

Altisource provided Work Orders to both Berghorst Enterprises and Buczek Enterprises up until both firms were shown to be financially insolvent by Foreclosurepedia. In fact, had Foreclosurepedia not engaged in its investigative exposé Berghorst and Buczek would still be defrauding innocent men and women today. We reached out to Altisource and in all fairness, Altisource conducted extensive investigations upon each of these predatory offenders and ceased providing Work Orders. I want to dwell upon this because if Altisource, a NAMFS Rank and File Member identified documented problems serious enough to no longer conduct business with Berghorst and Buczek, will someone please remind me how it is that Eric Miller continues to state that there is no credible evidence that Berghorst and Buczek have not been paying Contractors?

Over the past several months Foreclosurepedia has been extremely critical of Altisource. While I stand by my statements; while I reiterate that Pat McTaggart still has not made good on her promise, I want to properly couch the situation. Now, the easy way out would have been to say, “Who cares,” but that is not whom I am. McTaggart’s promise to have an Altisource representative officially speak with Foreclosurepedia was directed to the proper personnel. It is a hot potato for want of better words. Now, I believe she should have reached back out and stated such, but that is neither here nor there and I believe reinforces the fact that it is far better to have communication than silence — Eric Miller should take note of that. Additionally, Altisource’s addressing of the Berghorst and Buczek Disasters is ongoing. In fact, when the dust settles, I believe we are going to see a solid transition into a more direct relationship between Client and Contractor sans the Order Mill in many cases. We have to crawl before we can walk and walk before we can run. In fact, this type of relationship is actually more difficult for Altisource; however, my source emphatically emphasized that keeping their ship legal and above board has the blessing of Bill Shepro, Altisource’s Chief Executive Officer himself. I believe that deserves noting as Shepro could have easily said, “Screw ’em,” but didn’t. My understanding is that Shepro actually took a pretty keen interest in the situation which is pretty rare in the Industry today. There are only two large firms I can think of like that: Brian Mingham over at Pacific Preservation and Phil Johnsen over at Sentinel Field Services. Both of those gentlemen run tight ships and I applaud their managerial success, thus far.

I want to belabor my statement just a bit. While I am not at liberty to precisely describe the steps which Altisource is taking with respect to addressing the Berghorst and Buczek Disaster, suffice it to say that when the matter becomes declassified, the world will acknowledge the fact that they have finally taken steps which are worthy of support. The reality, sadly, is that when I announced the problems each Firm was experiencing, Contractors should have stopped work immediately. So, this would set the date at November, 2013. This may be received as a harsh statement, but it is the truth. While Contractors did not ask to be defrauded, the reality is that I warned people for over half a year AND NOT A SINGLE CONTRACTOR LISTENED. That is a fact. Only after the fact did people come swarming with horror stories. It should telegraph the fact, though, that when the issues were presented to Altisource, they shut the problem down. That deserves commendation.

I presume that this experience with these National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Members will educate Contractors to take heed when Foreclosurepedia issues a Formal Alert to Cease Services. While on the one hand, many will say that this could unbalance the ability of NAMFS Regime Members to keep Labor under their roofs, the reality is that in the past six occasions I have issued the Alert, I have been correct. In fact, there are three large NAMFS Regime Members whom will be having Alerts issued upon them at the beginning of the month.

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