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US Best Repairs To Lay Off Contractors?

Update:  We had the opportunity to speak with knowledgeable sources regarding this situation.  The State of California requires businesses to issue 60 Day Notices which is also somewhat mirrored by the United States Department of Labor.  As any Company reevaluates its position in the work environment it will, from time to time, have to lay off and re/hire individuals based upon the landscape of profit margin and demands necessary to stay in business.  In the instant case; regardless of whether or not anything transpires, state and federal law(s) dictate that Notifications occur.  This is actually a good thing.  Why?  If all Providers played by the rules like US Best Repairs is doing,

The three (03) sets of Letters originally distributed led to open ended possibilities.  While we have no proverbial horse in the race, we always strive to be unbiased and like to appropriately amend information when necessary.  Our information leads us to believe that US Best Repairs is both financially solvent and restructuring based upon the quagmire which has become the norm for this Industry.  Contracts awarded by the Too Big To Fail Institutions at 0800 may be gone by 1700.  This is a trend we are seeing more and more.

We have no reason to believe that nefarious actions are afoot on the part of US Best Repairs.  Our opinion is that with margins being cut lower and lower by National Providers, many Regional Providers are having to explore new alternatives in Contracting.  We were informed that, to date, no claims have ever been filed for outstanding money(s) owed to any Contractor.  This is certainly better than some of the Order Mills are able to report!



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