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Safeguard Properties: Destroy The Competition

US Best Repairs had been subbing out Safeguard Properties’ work for quite sometime.  Safeguard Properties makes it their business to be in the position to dictate across the spectrum.  If you don’t play with Safeguard you are destroyed. Pure and simple.  And whom is going to stand up?  Everyone in this industry is so afraid of Robert Klein and his little cornball hat.  Hell, his premier at the LPS Conference a few years back,  where he gave a speech, was more of a spectacle for the homeless than anyone else as he couldn’t stand to allow anyone to get a word in edgewise!  The real players wouldn’t even shake hands with him!  In my opinion, perhaps that is what drives his innate desire to destroy not only Contractors, but the very Industry which fuels his scorched earth policy.

What brings this into focus is that Safeguard is now circling the wagons.  If Safeguard cannot buy you out they will bankrupt you seems to be the attitude.  Make no mistake that this run on US Best Repairs is a calculated assault upon Free Market Economics; destroy the small business owner in my opinion.  Robert Klein is no stranger to the Game.  I have a half dozen quotes from sources whom state he will bury 9 out of 10 Contractors because he will only have to pay out the one claim.  Are they accurate?  I don’t know as I have never spoken with the man.  This is the quote most famously ascribed:

You Contractors are a dime a dozen.  I have lawyers who will eat you for lunch.

When you compare the complete and total disregard for what HUD required on the 3.0 held by Innotion when they were funneling work to Safeguard, you find that it is not the least bit astonishing.  Safeguard Properties has become the elephant in the room.  They have grown into a business which feels it is above the law.  To date, even the United States Government and the Obama Administration seems fearful to take them on.  All roads led to the SEP2012 HUD OIG Report and even Craig Karnes, HUD Procurement Officer kept his mouth shut.

Where does it end?  At what point in time do the Contractors and brokers come together and both make alliances and begin to take back the Industry which has been taken over by the Too Big To Fail product and their incestuous spin off Companies?

Stay tuned as the word on the bricks is that Sentinel has finally grown weary of CEO Thomas Issera.  Yeah, this one gets BIG!  Gotta wonder what Brian Huggard thinks?!  Hell, he was a Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier!


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