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Is Sentinel’s CEO Inserra Heading Out The Door?

Word on the bricks is that CEO Thomas J. Inserra may be on his way out.  We are awaiting a response from Sentinel Field Services as I type and cannot confirm the fact as of yet.  We do have two sources, though, whom state as much.

Brian Huggard spun up Sentinel years back and retired onto the Board of Directors for Sentinel.  Since then Sentinel has been meandering in and out of HUD Contracts the most recent of such was estimated to be between $200MILLION and $350MILLION below the normal rate.  As we all know, the recent problems with HOA fees and absorption of properties which have pre conveyance issues are never really calculated.

Further sources are reporting that the biggest difficulties Sentinel is facing is down in the 3s Region in Arizona.  With a large area of coverage and numbers spiraling out of control both from the fiscal and coverage point of view, Inserra very well may be in dire circumstances.  It also could be that he has moved on to one of the flavors of Pinnacle which he helped spin up.  No one really knows anything other than the fact that even his LinkedIn Profile has been changed to reflect Pinnacle and Sentinel is remaining closed lipped.

We will stay on top of this breaking story and update as we gain more insight!

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