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Huffington Post Interviews Foreclosurepedia

We had an hour long interview with the Huffington Post this morning.  By in large, I felt that the reporter was somewhat familiar with the product as he covers the financial beat and had been doing separate interviews with other Contractors.  What I do not think he was prepared for the the SCOPE of insanity which has arisen, of late, as a direct result of the Industry spiraling out of control like the Wild West.

Please broadcast this article EVERYWHERE you can!  We need to bring out all of those whom have been impacted over the years to force a full scale Congressional Investigation!

We began the long and tedious process of sending the spreadsheets, investigation numbers, tracking numbers, names, photos and intel files we have spun up over the years.  We also made it a point to document those Prime Vendors whom played a positive role in our interactions such as A2ZFS, AMSREO and Cityside.

As was made clear, this initial article will obviously be the Gateway to a possible series on the seedy underbelly of Property Preservation both on the Bank REO side and HUD REO side.  We emphasized that time and again each and every contractor from Puerto Rico to Alaska have hit brick walls.  As the investigation expands it will begin to address the forced lowering of bids while passing through different amounts to Clients.

The pinnacle of the discussions included the fact that NAMFS, the Association of all the parties involved, has refused to do anything.  Even after being presented time and again with information about their Members refusing to pay and samesaid hiring felons, a deaf ear was put forward.

This Interview may very well seal our fate.  For those Clients whom played fair and honest we hope that they will respect what we have done.  We are a honest and law abiding Company and we believe that the actions taken by those whom do not play by the rules hurts all parties INCLUDING the homeowners and brokers themselves.  We are hopeful that those reading will find it in their hearts to continue to find work for us.  If we fall; if the Industry is allowed to bury us for being Whistleblowers, all whom are in this Industry are doomed.  Make no mistake about this:  These powerful men and women whom pull the strings will stop at nothing.  We have been cautioned to check our gas lines.  Billions of dollars are at stake here.  Help us stay afloat and bring the Industry back to the luster it once had where everyone is able to buy their children a birthday present and put food on the table.  My son simply got a copy of the rent receipt for his birthday this year as it was the last of the money we had!

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