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Unsolicited Use Of Foreclosurepedia

We are always grateful for the support we receive from our fellow Contractors, sometimes we find it necessary to issue Bulletins with respect to Company Policy.  This, unfortunately, is one of those occasions.

Over the past several weeks we have noticed an upswing in the direct cut and paste application of our Content to a wide venue of internet platforms including, but not limited to:  LinkedIn, Craigslist and Contractor Talk to name but a few.  While we have absolutely no problems with our material(s) being distributed to the Industry and across the Internet, we are concerned with the fact that these postings are being done at both a frenzied pace and are additionally prefaced with language which may infer that the poster(s) are taking credit for our work.  As we all know, the Fair Use Doctrine governs the legality of this.  As you will also note, we use hyperlinks for our citing of material(s) which gives the credit and linkback/SEO credit to where credit is deserved.

Additionally, Foreclosurepedia is concerned that when its material(s) are quoted in full form and format; that when individual(s) associate themselves in such a vernacular as to lend the impression to the consumer that they are involved with Foreclosurepedia, these types of situations become problematic.

To set the record straight:  Foreclosurepedia has at no time whatsoever condoned the use of its material(s) for publication in any realm whatsoever other than on its Official Site.  Foreclosurepedia in no way, shape or form approves of the use of its material(s) to further any type of agenda(s) unless it is explicitly delivered by the Owner, Crystal D. Mills, or an authorized representative.

Accordingly, Foreclosurepedia issues this Official Bulletin #1098-PRA and respectfully requests that all party(s) whom have posted any Content from Foreclosurepedia to reduce samesaid to hyperlink format and issue Disclaimer(s) as is necessary to ensure that there are absolutely no misconceptions about any perceived or otherwise relationships between poster and Foreclosurepedia.

We thank you all for your understanding in this matter and hope to get back to doing what we do best:  Getting Timely and Ground Breaking Information Out To The Contractor!

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