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AMSREO Settles PPMS Claim

Over the past several days we have been in active discussions with AMSREO pertaining to our Claims against PPMS South.  The background on this is pretty much public knowledge; however, we did some HUD 3.0 jobs in Tennessee for PPMS South and they chose to cut and run when it was time to pay.  I won’t belabor the story as this Chapter has concluded with specificity to AMSREO.  The larger portion, well over one thousand dollars, is still owed by CWIS LLC.  We spoke with their general counsel, John Bravacos, whom stated earlier this week it would be at least Friday until he would be able to speak with PPMS South.  To date, neither Bravacos, CWIS LLC, nor PPMS South have even the foggiest idea when we might receive a date/time for payment.  In actuality, other than some patronizing statements, the reality is that we may be forced to contact the United States Department of Labor and file a Claim with the SCA Wage and Hour Division.  We also noted, by coincidence, that Brandon Lambert (Chief Operating Officer, PPMS South) and Jason Mathis (CEO PPMS South) were on vacation until today.  Not surprising, in my opinion, as I would want to be rather scarce myself in this type of situation.

The main reason for this post, though, is to show the Contractors whom frequent this Site that there are still some honorable Nationals out there.  Here’s the reality:  AMSREO could have said, “Hey, sue us.  PPMS South isn’t our problem.”  AMSREO chose not to.  They appointed a gentleman to handle our Claim directly.  Make no mistake, most of you know I am quite an abrasive person to deal with on due dates.  One can only imagine when I am not getting paid!  AMSREO’s rep, in my opinion, went above and beyond the call of duty with our Claim.

Most of my coding is done late at night and early in the morning.  I recall several days back when I fired off an email (it was about 0430EST).  I had a phone call within minutes!  Hey, stamina like that is not possessed by mere mortals!  😉   More on point, AMSREO could have simply dropped the check in the mail or sent it the next cycle.  Nope.  That bad boy was overnighted.  Now, it wasn’t overnighted because we had some massive claim ($360 I believe).  It was done because it was the right thing to do.  Now, I wish I could cite the gentleman’s name on here; however, I cannot (he may contact me and I will edit the post) due to confidentiality.  Suffice it to say that he is both a pillar to his Faith, and a just and honorable gentleman!

The overall moral to this story is this:  To arbitrarily and capriciously slam Nationals should not be the chosen path publicly.  By-in-large, the vast majority of non-payment traces it roots to either a Regional Order Mill or Contractor ineptitude.  Let’s reach out and try to speak with the Nationals when issues like this arise.  Also, when a National does something right let’s take the time to give them credit where credit is due!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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