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The White House: All Roads Lead To Rome

You know, I am an Independent.  I get asked all the time how I feel about this or that.  The biggest misunderstanding that the American People have is their belief that the President controls everything.  At the end of the day, Congress is really responsible for the vast majority of what does or does not occur in our Nation.  Granted, the President may execute an Executive Order, this process really only expands upon laws already in place.

With respect to our current Administration, I actually find President Obama to be more conservative than the media lets on.  Personally, I believe that he is a pretty good guy.wh  Polarization aside, Obama has a tough job dealing with the gridlock and really, at the end of the day, who wouldn’t.  Now, this isn’t a pro or anti Obama Post.  What I really am trying to set up is the fact that access to the White House, under this Administration, has proceeded light years from previous ones.  So, to test out whether or not the new email system works we sent a letter addressing the issues which have been ongoing about Contractors not being paid on the HUD and VA end of the Industry.  Oh, I know each and all will retort that, “You’ll never hear back!”  Hey, maybe not.  The reality, though, is that each and every Citizen has a right to Petition For Redress of Grievance!  This is a right that men and women have fought and died for over the past several hundred years and should never be taken lightly!

Now, with that said, we additionally contacted Senator Bob Corker’s office here.  They have assigned a person to look into this and other matters with respect to the Wire Fraud allegations we have made over bidding.

Folks, there is right and wrong in the world.  Those whom stand around and piss and moan about how it’s all fixed at the end of the day are simply going to have a bunch of hot air.  I firmly believe that we have both the right and more importantly the duty to speak out against corruption and actions taken by others which are causing the bankruptcy of those servicing properties controlled by both the US Government and the banking industry.

Additionally, there is the ability to sign a Petition.  I am going to formulate one, run it through the Guild Members, and put it online at the White House.  I will get a Post up when it is posted so that folks can Sign it.  Once again, will it do anything?  I honestly do not know.  What I DO know is that to remain silent equates to agreeing with how we are being treated.  That, my friends, I will not do.

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