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The Federal Contracting Package

We received multiple requests for rolling this out over the past couple of days so we are fast tracking our Federal Contracting Package.  First, what is it?  Well, this is your Ticket to the Federal Contracting Arena.  In Fiscal Year 2011 the US Government spent Five Hundred and Thirty Five Billion Dollars.  Now, the question becomes what part of that do you want?  Well, to begin you have to get your foot in the door.

What does this Package do for you?  Good question.  First and foremost, we schedule an interview.  During this process we obtain information necessary for filling out the mountain of paperwork necessary.  Once we have obtained the information, we begin to create one of many Profiles necessary for Accessing the Federal Contracting Arena.

What are the Components?  First, we establish your Codifications.  These are identifiers which describe to both the US Government and Prime Contractors whom you are and what you specialize in.  Some of these are:  Your NAIC Number, your CAGE Number, your MPIN and your DUNS, your FSC Code and several other Number Assignment Codes.

From here, we begin to analyze your Company and populate your Profiles in SAMS, the Small Business Administration and three other Profiles which are Confidential.  We determine precisely which programs you are eligible for; we arrange for meetings with Representatives in your area for Certifications (if necessary), and establish the necessary security clearances when appropriate through third party agencies.  After these are populated, we then have a second Conference Call to go over all the information, distribute the necessary Credentials and begin the process of establishing your information within the Federal Networks.  Finally, we network you with Contract Possibilities in your Local and Regional areas.

For Pre Sales Questions, simply Click the Contact Us button below or click the Voice Message above and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

The entire process requires in upwards of 50 hours of dedicated time both for the preparation and implementation of this Package.  From start-to-finish, the process takes approximately 14 business days.  If you feel you are ready to begin the Process, simply click the link below or select the Page Link in the above left hand corner.


Federal Contracting Package


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